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Jay Bruce exits at an oblique pressure

Phillies Slugger Jay Bruce ended the competition on Tuesday night with a strained right oblique muscle, the Phillies said. There is not a word about a trip to the injury list, but the Phillies will likely have additional information after the game.

The majority of oblique charges send players to the injured list, and it's not uncommon for positional players to miss about a month with even a Grade 1 tribe. Losing Bruce would be a blow to the Phillies. While he has collected only a small .277 OBP since his acquisition, Bruce came on Tuesday to hit .266 and hit the Phil with a full .574. He has already drilled 10 long balls and six doubles with Philadelphia and completed 29 runs in his first 32 games with the team.

The takeover of Bruce offset the loss of Andrew McCutchen who suffered from it An absence for Bruce could open the door for the return of Nick Williams ̵

1; the one-time top Interested, who has not yet established himself as a big star League regularly in the way he had imagined, as he rose through the small leagues. The 25-year-old Williams scored an ugly slash at the Phillies in 2019 with 86 record appearances of .173 / .221 / .259 before he was eligible for Triple-A, but this poor output was certainly an extremely limited role for him.

Ever since Williams was sent to Triple-A for regular bats, he has devastated the pitch of the International League. With 120 drives on the plate, he has achieved a superlative of .358 / .417 / .651 with six homers, 10 doubles and two triplets. He would be the obvious candidate to replace Bruce at short notice, but one can only wonder if the Phils would look for another option in the trading market again. While the Phillies have faded quickly in the NL East race, they are still right in the middle of the NL wild card mix. And after such an aggressive offseason, it would be a discouraging concession for the team's decision makers not just to act as a deadline buyer.

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