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Jeff Lowe claims Joe Exotic “stole money from animals for facelift”

The “Tiger King” himself – Joseph Maldonado-Passage (aka Joe Exotic) – is behind bars for a 22-year sentence. Other stars of the Netflix hit documentaries speak out. Jeff and Lauren Lowe were referred to as “bad guys” in Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness. Now they’re clearing the record on a few things, such as Maldonado-Passage’s claims that he had an illness.

The feud between Jeff Lowe and “Joe Exotic” never ends

Jeff Lowe: Tiger King
Jeff Lowe | Netflix

Tiger King is at the top of Netflix for a reason. The seven-part documentation is the gift that is always given. This is followed by a former Oklahoma zookeeper (Maldonado Passage), his rivalry with Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin and the zoo’s new owners, Jeff and Lauren Lowe.

The Lowes were in defense. They clarify different parts of Tiger King You don’t feel exactly in the representation of yourself, the zoo or the Maldonado passage.

In a recent interview with Channel Q from RADIO.COM [Jeff] Lowe said there was a time when Maldonado Passage claimed he was HIV +. History had more to offer, however, and the Lowes weren’t the only ones unraveling them.

Journalist Robert Moor tweeted about Joe Exotic’s Facebook post

Shortly after the release of Tiger King, Journalist and podcaster of Over my dead body: Joe ExoticRobert Moor offered a lot of information that is not included in the Netflix series.

Some tweets mentioned what happened to the big Maldonado Passage cats after their death, which of the Maldonado Passage’s former flames live in prison, and who has been ordered to protect them by Baskin’s exes.

All tweets are juicy enough to immerse again Tiger King with a fresh lens, but there is one that the Lowes can confirm.

Here’s what Jeff Lowe said about Joe Exotic’s apparent “medical condition.”

As mentioned by Moor via a tweet from March 24th“Joe has been telling everyone for a long time that he dies of prostate and bone marrow cancer. He collected $$$ from his Facebook fans for his expenses. He showed me this terrible photo as evidence. I later learned that he just had an infected prostate, dehydration, and a bad herpes outbreak. “

The audience could have taken that with a grain of salt. When the Lowes were asked about the same incident, Jeff also had a few things to say. It all started when Maldonado Passage revealed that he was HIV + and “needed someone to take over the zoo when he came over” [Jeff] Lion.

When asked if Maldonado Passage provided evidence of his HIV + status, they mentioned knowledge of his first husband, Brian Rhyne, who actually died from the effects of HIV. After Moor found the same photo, [Jeff] said he later found out that it was taken up after two facelift procedures.

“He actually stole the animals’ money for the face lift,” added Lauren.

It is unclear whether the two have evidence of this. Regardless, it doesn’t look that way Tiger King News – or related feuds – will soon slow down.

Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness is now available on Netflix.

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