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Jeff Merkley: North Korea "plays his normal game"

"To say that something new or different has happened here – no, North Korea plays its normal game," the Oregon Democrat said in an interview on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," in which he agreed to a concept of his own Definition of denuclearization, and then freezes activity to quench the heat. "

Merkley said that North Korea's preoccupation with previously similar behavior – holding nuclear tests during negotiations – has been to temporarily relieve international pressure." What we have now with North Korea is the beginning of a conversation in which they they did not make another ballistic missile test, "he said," but this type of freeze is just like other administrations have done before. Other administrations have indeed worked out a detailed plan.

Merkley highlighted comments made by Pompeo during the hearing, which Merkley considered his failure to conclude numerous agreements with North Korea over certain aspects of denuclearization.

"He failed to negotiate a detailed nuclear arms deal with North Korea "This was really about the only thing of substance that came out of those three hours of" hearing.

Merkley further emphasized that North Korea maintains the nuclear capabilities it had before negotiations began.

"In the manner of a roundabout way, Secretary Pompeo has confirmed that they still have the skills they had before these talks began," he said. "There has been no significant progress so far as far as something is concerned

Merkley also questioned Trump's commitment to North Korea's denuclearization following his summit North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continued after Trump North Korea said "No more nuclear threat."

"After his comment, the president is glad to be able to go slowly now," Merkley said.

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