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Jenelle Evans is sobbing over the "quiet" Father's Day without children in custody battle

Jenelle Evans is still fighting after her children are released from custody. The former Star Teen Mom 2 published an Instagram story about her children's missing on vacation in North Carolina.

Evans, 27, shared a photo of an empty pool area that her children probably had. Could she have played with her and her husband David Eason? She wrote about the picture, "It's too quiet here," along with some sad face emojis.

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<figcaption> (Photo: Instagram / @ J_Evans1219) </figcaption></figure>
<p>  The contested MTV personality allowed it however, not that her children were in the way of her good time, she immediately followed her emotional contribution with pictures and videos, and Eason Evan joked that she would "prefer [North Carolina] to my home state." </p>
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(Photo: Instagram / @ J_Evans1219)

Evans apparently spent the whole day with her husband on a boat, sharing videos of them jumping into the water on a small boat.

The mail came After Evans tweeted that fans have "no idea" what's going on between her and her mother Barbara Evans in their current custody dispute, Barbara currently has custody of Evans' two younger children, Ensley and Kaiser has been custody f for many years r Jenelle older son Jace.

Evans said on Twitter she could not say much about the custody case, but if she can "speak," she will. She made the comments in answer to a fan who suggested that Barbara has her best interest in heart, and said that Evans would "see" in time.

The exchange began after Jenelle shared a The History of Hollywood Gossip about the custody battle. A fan urged her to stay strong, "fix" her affairs, and keep her mother – whom the Twitter user described as her "biggest and strongest [ally]" – by her side. Jenelle denied that Barbara was in her corner, but again refused to get involved.

Her followers were not pleased with her tweet, in which they called Evans an "enemy," especially after all she has done for her over the years. [19659002] "Biggest enemy, lol she raises her son because she could not …" A user tweeted.

"Your biggest enemy is sleeping next to you at night," another tweeted about Eason.

Jenelle and Eason have been fighting for custody since May. The children were removed from the house after Eason shot the family dog ​​Nugget in April. He claimed the animal had "bitten" Ensley 2. MTV fired Jenelle as a result of the incident.

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