A person is dead after a southwest flight crashed an aircraft.

DALLAS – The woman who died after an engine exploded on a Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday in Dallas was the only accident after a catastrophic engine failure Hurling debris into a window and breaking a hole in the plane

Jennifer Riordan's death marks the first death of a passenger due to an airplane incident in Southwest's 51-year history.

In a statement, family members Riordan, a Wells Fargo bank manager, described as "the foundation" of the family.

"Jennifer's vivacity, passion and love permeated our community and reached our country, and their influence on everything and everyone they touched can never be fully measured," the statement says. "But most of all, she is the foundation of our family." She and Mike have written a love story like no other, their beauty and love evident in their children.

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"We are so grateful for the support of family, friends and our community. We ask that those who wish to express their condolences and prayers, as well as the media, respect our privacy at this time. Our family and friends need this time to mourn and celebrate Jennifer's influence on us all. In her memory – please remember to always be friendly, loving, caring and sharing. "

" In her memory – please remember to always be friendly, loving, caring and sharing.

Statement by Jennifer Riordan's Family

Dallas-bound Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 from New York had 144 passengers and a crew of five on board, Southwest said in a statement.

Your LinkedIn page shows Riordan has been in Fargo's Community Relations Department in Wells since 2008. She held a position as Director before being promoted to Vice President.

Riordan was also a board member of the New Mexico Broadcasters Association.

A friend of the family Said Riordan a loving wife and mother of "thousands" missing in New Mexico and nationwide.

"Today, our world has lost a beautiful soul. She was loved and admired, "Breanna Anderson said," a woman who always cheered for her husband, praised his success, and filled her home with warmth; a mother who lived for her two children, lovingly fostered her personalities and supported them in all their ambitions; an incredibly thoughtful friend, and a surprisingly accomplished businesswoman.

"There are thousands of us in Albuquerque and probably across the country who have been touched by the life of Jennifer Riordan and are honored to call her a friend, please keep her family in your hearts and prayers." More: Twice Mother Dies in Air Crisis After Being Wedged in Southwest Airplane Window

In a News Tuesday saw Gary C. Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines, Riordan's family members were "the airline's main concern" and expressed their condolences for their loss.

Seven other passengers were injured on flight 1380, who crashed into Philadelphia after leaving New York's LaGuardia Airport.

In a statement, Wells Fargo said that they were saddened to learn of Riordan's death. "She was a well-known leader who was loved and respected, deeply connected to her family and friends, and out of respect for the family and her privacy, we have nothing left to talk about at the time."

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