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Jeremy Renner's app is closed due to trolls

Jeremy Renner's Free App Jeremy Renner Official used to be a healthy place for fans of Marvel's Hawkeye who wanted to celebrate everything about the actor who became a musician. But now it is closed because of trolls.

The app has been around for a few years, but has attracted attention in recent months. It was designed as a community hub for fans who used the Instagram-like feed to watch Renner photos, post their own stories, and rest. Real Renner fans, who sometimes refer to Renner in comments as J Rens, were suddenly greeted by a group of trolls. Things came to a head in the last week as trolls found a way to portray themselves as racers and other fans by taking the opportunity to post hate-filled comments and harass others on the platform. The fans tried to fight back and used the community feed to post supportive content, but they were not equal.

Renner explained the shutdown in a farewell post. "Because of the skillful people who were able to mimic me and others within the app, I asked ESCAPEX, the company running the app, to shut them down immediately and anyone who bought stars in the last 90 days To reimburse them, "he wrote," Stars are the currency version of the app. "What should be a place for fans to get in contact with each other has become a place that is everything I loathe and what I do can not or can not approve. "

Oh, what time was it on the Jeremy Renner app? I used it every day to favor photos and comment on updates in the fan feed ̵

1; a separate section of the app in which Part of me wanted to collect as many points as possible to get an answer from Renner Part of me wanted to beat my friends to be the first person to do a racing We have developed a group chat to discuss the activities in the app! We streamed his music! We have seen his videos! A friend even listed and recorded a cover of his hit "Main Attraction"!

Unfortunately, nothing can stay gold. All glorious things must come to an end.

"To all the super fans who have supported me with their words or encouragement, thank you for sharing amazing art, stories and time in the app, and I hope to see you on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Renner wrote.

Yes, we still have many options to access Renner's latest music and vlog updates (oh yeah, J Rens and Vlogs too), but it's not like we can not open the app anymore and get one Picture of his face taking up the entire screen.

Rest in Peace, Jeremy Renner Official. I'll never forget you.

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