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Jerry Jones confirms that Randy Gregory will apply for reinstatement

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(Photo: Matthew Emmons, USA TODAY Sports)

Randy Gregory is about to join the NFL again.

The enigmatic passport rusher for Dallas Cowboys has seen far more downs than ups since he finished 50th in the 201

5 NFL Draft. Gregory is currently being banned from the league for one year for violations of the Drug Abuse Directive. Gregory was able to apply for reinstatement as of January 6, and although he did not do so immediately, it was clear he was back to the US wanted field. He has taken all appropriate measures to put his personal life on the right track and keep it that way for some time, including several NFL drug tests since his last failed attempt in July 2016 – the random tests are a mandate for how he stays Gregory, who participated in the league's drug abuse program, did everything the NFL asked, and then some.

To this end, owner Jerry Jones has confirmed that Gregory is officially preparing for re-employment with the Cowboys, according to Clarence Hill Jr. of Fort Worth Star Telegram .

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The 25- The one-year-old has reportedly been training in California, as for the first time Bobby Belt of CowboysCast [19659012] while also hiring a job on a promising path to recovery. Gregory is in great spirits and he even went back to social media to make it clear that his story is not finished.

In his first post of any kind in any format since the aforementioned date of July 2016, when he failed his last test, he wants everyone to focus on how he copes rather than on the demons he is now seemingly puts to bed. The Cowboys were unable to talk about his status or making official predictions, and as such they have stated that they have planned as if the NFL would never allow him to step back onto the field. This is not to say that they did not believe that it was possible, but rather to protect what has turned out to be confusing and misleading leadership tactics in the NFL front, to put it mildly. 19659005] Ask only that I should run back Ezekiel Elliott .

However, if Gregory can return to the field to build up the chaos that he started in his short stint thrust in 2016, the team could look at him with a defensive front containing three monstrous pass rushers holding the new Tagged DeMarcus Lawrence and assuming that they can retain David Irving who is currently in flux and waiting for a resolution in a second round

This is a look after up front, and right now it's just that Gregory is mentally ready to jump back into the fire. It seems he will be soon, but his future is still very much in the hands of Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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