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Jerry Lawler wanted to help Brian Christopher get a job at the WWE Performance Center

Brian Christopher's father, Jerry "The King" Lawler tried several times to help his son and had plans to take him to a drug rehabilitation center before he died. He also encouraged his son to stay clean, hoping to help him out with the WWE.

Dave Meltzer talked about Christopher during Wrestling Observer Radio, saying that Lawler had hinted that he would help his son at the WWE Performance Center if he could stay sober long enough.

"Jerry often said [Christoper] that if you can clean up for a year, I'll get a job," Meltzer said. "Do you know if it's a trainer in the Performance Center that's what he suggested or something like that, but you'll have to clean up for a year." There would be times when he would be up to one a degree would get clean, but it never took a year, I know one of his friends told me a few months ago and another said that you know his version of clean ̵

1; the & # 39; wrestler version of Clean & # 39; is that he was on methadone and stuff like that. "

  WWE comments on Brian Christopher's Passing

Jerry Lawler does not drink or use drugs, which is a path his son Brian did not choose himself Has. He fought against addiction for years and it was a catalyst for his downfall. Meltzer revealed that he was being told by someone close to the situation that Christopher had attempted suicide years ago.

"I think there was a suicide attempt that did not tell very many people I still did not know about until three or four years ago," Meltzer said.

Brian Christopher was dragged in at 1:00 am on July 7th, after the police had observed that he was avoiding and accelerating. The former WWE Tag Team champion was booked for DUI and escaped arrest before being held with a $ 40,000 bond. Lawler was found in his prison cell on July 29, after he hung himself up, and after being taken to the hospital, he was kept on a livelihood until he was pronounced dead at 16:40 EST.

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