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Jesse Gonzalez is a huge cry baby

SEATTLE – Jesse Gonzalez will most likely try to forget Saturday as soon as possible. It is quite possible that the MLS Disciplinary Committee will not allow him to do so.

The FC Dallas goalkeeper not only gave up four goals – at least two of whom he wished he had played better – but also entered into skirmishes with Sounders players, being shouted at by a teammate after the game not help leaving a small comment in the social media.

Gonzalez responded to this Instagram post referring to Dallas' previous trip to Seattle where the goalkeeper repeatedly delayed the game when he tried to repair a contract lens:

Of course, his inability to log off, probably the least problem of Gonzalez. In overtime, Gonzalez came at least 40 yards from his box to grab Nouhou by the neck.

At this time, Gonzalez was on a yellow card after having fought for a penalty in midfield. If he had been carded, Dallas would have been forced to play the last few minutes of the game against a man and with a fielder in goal. If it were a regular season game, Gonzalez would be seriously in danger of being suspended retrospectively, and theoretically could get one more for the games next season, probably reminding Gonzalez.

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