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Jessi Combs, racer and fastest woman on four wheels, dies at the age of 39

Combs died Tuesday in the Alvord Desert in southeastern Oregon, according to the sheriff's office in Harney County. She was 39 years old.

"She was a brilliant master builder, engineer, driver, manufacturer, and science communicator, and she struggled every day to encourage others by her amazing example," said Adam Savage, a former employee. Moderator of the TV show "Mythbusters".

Combs appeared in several episodes of the series, while presenter Kari Byron was on maternity leave. She also appeared as a presenter in shows like All Girls Garage and Overhaulin.

Combs became the fastest four-wheeled woman in the North American Eagle Supersonic Speed ​​Challenger in 201
3 when she set a record 398 mph.
In October, Combs set a new top speed of 483.2 in a shakedown run Miles per hour.

On Tuesday, she tried to drive faster when she crashed.

"At around 4:00 pm on August 27, 2019, the Harney County 911 Center received a call reporting that a jet car was trying to break a speed record over land in the Alvord Desert , crashed and led to a death, "said the sheriff's office.

Her resume was full of premieres: the first woman to be placed at an Ultra4 event; The first woman to participate in the Race of Gentlemen.
Her commitment to empower women in the automotive industry has also been significant. She has a range of women's welding equipment at Lincoln Electric and an online collaboration dedicated to empowering and training women through industrial skills. It's called RealDeal.

Valerie Thompson, the first woman to exceed 300 miles per hour on a motorcycle and the world's "Fastest Woman on Two Wheels" expressed mourning on Twitter and posted photos of both together.

"With a heavy heart, I share the news that Jessi Combs passed away yesterday when she tried to break a speed record," she wrote. "I also had a chance to try that record, but it was not my turn … that's the hit for me, Godspeed, Jessi Combs."

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