Jessica Biel slept on a birthday with Justin Timberlake. (Photo: Getty Images)

Hey, it happens.

Working mothers – and they all work, whether outside or not – run out of the water and can not help but close their eyes the rare moment of peace when and where they find him.

Actress Jessica Biel, 36, accidentally found herself on her way to the 38th birthday party of husband Justin Timberlake.

He recorded everything on video as he sang "Happy Birthday" to himself before pushing the camera to Biel. The two share a 3-year-old son, Silas Randall.

"I have to work for my Bday tomorrow, so I'm going to go out tonight," he wrote the video.

Biel woke up smiling and said, "I'm getting ready for our big evening, I'm getting ready."

Timberlake leads his Man of the Woods tour at Madison Square Garden on January 31st 38th birthday, on. Other concert dates he had to postpone because squeezed vocal cords.


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