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Jessie J talks about meeting with Channing Tatums & # 39; Absolutely Lovely & # 39; Daughter

The relationship between Jessie J and Channing Tatum is becoming more and more serial.

In a recent interview with the British newspaper The Times the British singer commented on the dating of actor Magic Mike, revealing her and his daughter Everly gets along very well.

The interviewer asked the singer if it was difficult for the first time. Jessie said, "God, no, she's only six and absolutely adorable."

The "Domino" singer started for the first time The two had an appointment with the actor in October, although they kept their romance secret until March, when they were shown holding hands together in London for the first time.

"Chan and I were photographed before our relationship was even a thing and it came into being We needed time to get to know each other We just had our first holiday together, which was wonderful, but that's all I'm saying. .., "she told the Times .

Jessie said she was "very happy" in hip relationships, which began months after separating from Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan after nearly nine years of marriage.

"Oh, I'm very happy in the 21

Jump Street !" she said, referring to the main role of Tatum in the film. "I always look for a man with a good sense of humor and good morals, and hygiene, a man who takes a shower is very important!" In London, a doctor told her that she could never have children of her own.

Despite the medical setback, the singer told the newspaper she was determined to one day become a mother of adoption or even surrogate motherhood, "she said." I pray that I have children naturally, but if I do not I care about it. "

PEOPLE writes the singer suffers from adenomyosis, a condition in which the tissue suffers from lines of the uterus growing into the muscular wall of the uterus.

" The The pain I've gone through with this disease is the hardest thing I've ever encountered, "she told the Times ." I get a lot of pain to deal with, and psychologically it was for It's always been a big deal to have children. I could be infertile, which would not lie, which would be devastating. "

Despite her wishes of motherhood, Jessie previously said that she and Tatum have not yet discussed the subject.

" No! Just because he is Channing Tatum, does anyone have something like "Marry?" Heart Breakfast Radio Podcast. "I mean, I've been dating people longer than Chan, but they're not famous, so no one really cares."

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