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Jet Airways cancels all international long-haul flights

All long-haul flights from Jet – including to London, Paris and Amsterdam – were closed from Thursday night until Friday morning, an airline spokesman for New Delhi told CNN.

The spokesman added on Friday that flights had resumed, but at least one important goal still did not seem to be on the list.

"Jet Airways has suspended its operations between London and India on April 12, 2019," the airline's UK office said in a statement.

The airline's future deepened when airline minister Suresh Prabhu tweeted that his ministry would "examine issues related to jet airways" and "take the necessary steps to minimize passenger discomfort and ensure their safety. " Minister Narendra Modi's business reputation as an Indian in elections that began on Thursday. The failure of a major airline would endanger thousands of jobs.

Jet Airways has already canceled thousands of domestic and international flights, as aircraft are based on non-payment of fees for aircraft leasing companies. The Bombay Stock Exchange was told on Thursday that ten more planes had been blown up due to unpaid charges.

Last month, the founder of Jet Airways had to step down as part of a government-sponsored rescue operation. Naresh Goyal resigned as chairman and resigned from the board, allowing the banks to take control and overtake the company.

India's largest public bank, the State Bank of India (SBI), led the consortium of creditors that had founded the bank's sales process on Monday. Several airlines, including Etihad, are reportedly interested in bidding.

Etihad already owns 24% of Jet Airways. A spokesman for the airline based in the United Arab Emirates declined to comment on the tendering process.

India is the fastest growing aviation market in the world, but competition is tough. Airlines are struggling for money as pricing pressure is strong. Rising oil prices and a volatile Indian currency have made life even more difficult.

Jet Airways has suffered tremendous losses and has exhausted the patience of its creditors. The profits of the market leader IndiGo have also suffered, and the government had to flow hundreds of millions of dollars in the national airline Air India after a failed privatization attempt at the beginning of last year.

Swat Gupta and Zahraa Alkhalisi of CNN contributed to this article.

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