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Jets, Jamal Adams, find themselves at a dead end in contract renewal talks

The New York Jets and Jamal Adams have reached a dead end in contract negotiations, sources confirmed to ESPN on Thursday, causing tensions between the team and its star rating.

The two sides have had several talks since the NFL bill, but the Jets told him they prefer to wait for a long-term extension, and Adams wants a deal before the season, sources said.

The Adams camp is upset and claims the jets are dragging their feet, sources said.

On Wednesday, the possibility of trading came up in a conversation between the two sides, sources said, but there are conflicting reports of how serious the talks were.

The jets continue to strive to extend 24-year-old Adams and are unwilling to trade him, a source said. Adams is said to be open to trading if his contract requirements are not met. According to a source, more than half of the teams in the league turned to the jets to express interest.

It is clear that there is a fundamental difference in the timing of a possible extension. According to sources, you have not yet spoken about money.

Adams, who is eligible for a new contract after completing his third season, said in January he wanted an extension until the start of the 2020 season. He is expected to earn $ 3.5 million in 2020. His salary will rise to $ 9.9 million in 2021, the amount of his option for the fifth year.

Conversely, the Jets have no sense of urgency because they have Adams under team control for at least two years. You also have the option of franchise tags in 2022. Another component is the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which could have a massive impact on NFL earnings.

Since 2011, only 16 out of 223 picks from the first round have received a new contract after their third season. The youngest was Carolina Panthers, who ran back Christian McCaffrey, who finished eighth overall in 2017 – two places behind Adams.

Adams believes he is worth being an exception after being named All-Pro and making two Pro Bowls in his first three seasons. He hasn’t publicly announced his prize, but is believed to want to become the NFL’s highest-paid security. Edwards Jackson of the Chicago Bears has the highest annual average at $ 14.6 million.

The Jets ran trading deals for Adams last fall, with the Dallas Cowboys showing interest. Adams was furious when he heard that his name had appeared in trade talks.

General Manager Joe Douglas said in February that his goal was to make Adams a “jet for life” and that he had not vacillated in this position. At the end of the draft, he said his plan was to reach Adams’ agents to start contract negotiations. He did, but these conversations were fruitless.

In the meantime, Adams skips the voluntary virtual off-season.

Long-time NFL reporter Gary Myers first reported on the standoff via Twitter.

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