Where should I start?

Almost every player in the patriot offensive is a threat. From Tom Brady to all receivers and setbacks in New England, it will be difficult to eliminate just one aspect of the Patriots' first-ever offense. In Week 4, the Patriots came closest to the case of a game when they competed against the Bills. Buffalo locked in on Tom Brady, holding the Patriots down to a 1

6-point low. Although this game is not completely reproducible, it is a good template for Gregg Williams to make his defense plan if he wants to try to promise the Patriots the first defeat of the season.

The defense of the jets was really pretty solid this year despite the team's 1-4 record. When CJ Mosley returns as he promises, the unit is almost completely healthy for the first time since Week 1. The entire defense has to make an effort, but some teams have managed to bleed the Patriots through six weeks.

Here are the four keys to Jets Defense in Week 6.