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Jets Sign LB Albert McClellan

Following the Avery Williamson season injury on the knee, the New York Jets have signed linebacker Albert McClellan.

Albert McClellan is a 33-year-old 6-inch linebacker from Marshall University. McClellan was originally contracted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2010 as an unoccupied free agent. McClellan spent the first year of his NFL career in the Ravens training team before rising to a 53-man squad in 2011. In 2012, he became a linebacker of the Ravens McClellan was mainly substitute player and special player in the NFL and spent only in 2012 and 2016 a lot of time as a starter.

McClellan tore the anterior cruciate ligament and missed the entire year of 201

7. The ravens cut McClellan in mid-season 2018 and the New England Patriots signed him. McClellan played the last seven games of his 2018 season with the New England Patriots as a specialist team special.

Albert McClellan was known throughout his NFL career as one of the best special teams and received the PFF First Team All Pro award for his special. The teams work in 2014 and 2018. As a 33-year-old, after spending most of his time From his long NFL career as a backup and special team ace, McClellan will probably not replace Avery Williamson as a starter on Inside Linebacker. However, he can substitute for adequate insurance and should upgrade the units of the special teams if he forms the team.

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