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Jets takeaways from Sunday's defeat between 26 and 18, including Dolphins 21-point quarter

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There are many reasons why this season has gotten out of hand for the jets, and many excuses that Adam Gases could easily use to explain it.

But really, there is no apology for that.

The Jets have just lost a game, many times to the worst team in the NFL – or the worst team in the NFL ̵

1; and a team that takes so many people in the league seriously I think We're trying to lose so they can be number 1 in the draft. The 26:18 loss of the jets in Miami must be considered one of the worst losses in the franchise history.

And it will put to the test what the CEO of Jets left Christopher Johnson and put all his trust in GM Joe Douglas and in particular in Gases to the test , There was no indication at all that gases are in the hot seat. In fact, since Johnson dismissed the man who has shut down Gases (GM Mike Maccagnan ) and then left Gases a strong hand in hiring his successor. Gases have a lot of power and probably a lot of job security.

But this loss of "Tanking for Tua" dolphins puts the jets in uncharted territory. They have had a few turbulent weeks in which they had the mess Kelechi Osemele an eventful trading day that for the most part meant nothing, except for the feelings of Jamal Adams and then of To hurt Adams threw a fit and refused to talk to Douglas and Gases about it. And now they are 1-7, suddenly in the race for the No. 1 in the NFL Draft in April.

Who knows what will happen next, but right now nobody should feel very well or safe in the organization. After a loss like this, all bets must be over everything.

So while everyone is waiting to see if another shoe is dropped, here are some takeaways of one of the worst losses the jets have ever suffered …

As if it were not With enough signs that the wheels are slipping, this was a big one: with the Jets 24-15 down and against their own end zone in the fourth quarter, C Jonotthan Harrison shoots the ball directly past Darnold for safety and safety reasons from the back of the endzone. But after that, G Brian Winters got caught screaming in Darnold, and Harrison had to step in. The Darnold-Winters "conversation" continued on the sidelines. Offensive linemen do not shout their quarterback often. Really, you never see it.

Sam Darnold (27-of-39, 260 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT) does things he did not do late last year – including throwing terrible passes when he does is dismissed, including one that has led to a catastrophic interception at the end of the first half. It came after a big kickoff return from Vyncent Smith and right after a touchdown pass to TE Ryan Griffin was overturned at the replay (Read more about this now). After two touchdowns, Gases rollouted on the left side – which is pretty weird considering that Darnold was right-handed and then had to throw over his body. Before that, Darnold was caught and in the grip of a defender, yet he shot the ball towards the goal line, where there is a well-covered Jamison Crowder . Not surprisingly, Jomal Wiltz intercepts his terrible pass. It was just a dreadful decision by Darnold after a terrible game of Gases.

As for the piece that led to it, Darnold TE hit Ryan Griffin in one fell swoop in the back end, Griffin made a great catch. And yes, it was a catch. Griffin grabbed it, got in with both legs, and then lost control of the ball as he hit the ground. Somehow, the repeat officer found that he was out of control. I do not understand how.

If you want to compare Tom Brady and Aaron Donald you should at least appear for playing. Security Jamal Adams had no influence on this game, missed a few tackles and generally played small. It would not be worth mentioning, as many of the jets played small, but he was the one who was so upset when the jets heard offers for him and said he should be untouchable like Brady and Donald. On Sunday, he looked more like a player with whom the Jets would like to trade.

The game was probably over, but the Jets returned the ball 2:50 to play through 11 points and needed two points. They had to use three timeouts, plus the two-minute warning. With the Dolphins in a Prevent, the Jets are marching 81 yards in 14 games for a field goal … but do not use their timeouts, so chew them at 2:35 in the evening. That left them with only 14 seconds left, which would not have been much time, even if they got it back. That's awful clock management. Gases must use their time-outs there.

That's what's so crazy about the jets. Your opening trip was just beautiful. They go 75 yards in 11 games. You are converting on a fourth descent. Sam Darnold goes 6 of 8 for 68 yards. He finishes it with a 12-yard TD pass at Jamison Crowder who has four catches for 50 yards on the ride. And then the offense just disappears. Unreal.

Crowder basically disappeared after this ride. He finished with eight catches for 83 yards.

After its consumption decreased, RB Le Veon Bell spoke with gasses about how he can become more involved in the offensive. Mission accomplished. In the first half 12 of the 35 games of the jets followed or towards Bell. Overall, Bell ran 17 times for 66 yards and caught eight passes for 55 yards. He had the ball or was thrown out of 63 games a total of 26 times. He's still not being held much by the terrible line of attack, but at least he's being used more often now.

The jets had 10 fines for 105 yards. Four of them were on the offensive – two in LT Chuma Edoga and two in LG Alex Lewis .

Linebackers are huge, huge problem for the jets and it's totally because of all their injuries. The dolphins followed right behind them, ran into the middle and threw into the middle of the field. Better offensive teams will simply kill the jets that do it, and there will be nothing they can do about it. Nevertheless, Defense Coordinator Gregg Williams (19459005) must receive help from James Burgess (19459006), and he can no longer desert him one to one. Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki destroyed him (6 catches, 95 yards).

– Adam Gases was probably right with the offensive punishment of mishaps at Robby Anderson that he challenged in the second quarter. Anderson blocked and was hardly in danger, so everything was legal. But I'm not sure why he wasted a challenge on a 5-yard pass on the 2nd and 13th in the second quarter. This was not the case and he wasted a break for nothing.

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