At the British Academy Britannia Awards in Los Angeles, Jim Carrey, the comedy star of Excellence in Comedy, says that the Republican Congress will allow "some very dark times in our country." (Oct 27)

According to Jim Carrey, there is nothing funny about the state of Politics today. But that does not stop him from reaching for a timely joke that even he admits "maybe a little bit soon."

While accepting the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Humor Award at the Beverly Hilton on Friday, Carrey joked, "I'm glad (this trophy) did not come by mail." He added, perhaps only in a joke, "I have none Delivered packages to my home. "

The honoree referred to the 10 suspected explosive devices sent to the leaders and supporters of the Democrats and recovered this week.

"It's my job to try it (out of joke)," he said, defending himself because his colleague Cate Blanchett said earlier in the night that there's no way to joke about suspicious packages.

Carrey, a longtime critic of President Trump, recently painted his artwork with an explosive device in Then he became serious, without mentioning the name of the president.

In his speech, he talked about the namesake of the award, silent movie star Chaplin, and compared the legendary actor's behavior to what he's up to in America.

"Chaplin has alchemized his pain, turned him into art, exquisite, timeless, healing art," Carrey's help. "He adopted the American right wing of his time, his worst evils: hatred of immigrants, contempt for the truth, greed and abuse of power. We fight the same evils today … We have a capitalism without conscience."

He went on "Shamelessness is not and will never be a superpower. It is the sign of a villain. Kidnapping children is not what big nations do. Almost half of America believes in this moment that there is a dark, deep state devilishly planning, right? Give them health care?

"We in America are misinformed Reality shows have distorted our idea of ​​what a hero is or what the truth is."

Then Carrey highlighted those who are doing well today.

"I would like to dedicate this award to those who remind us of our virtues, which remind us of the truth." He recognized Charles Chaplin, Christopher Steel, Christine Blasey Ford, Colin Kaepernick and "one of my best friends and one of the greatest Artists of our time, Robert De Niro, whose life was threatened this week, along with many other incredibly decent people brings joy to the world. "

In conclusion, Carrey acknowledged one that his speech is not exactly comedic.

"I know that was not funny, but right now it's not very funny and I want it to be that way and I'll come back," he said. "Let's restore balance, okay?"

But before the night ended, Carrey could not help but make fun of herself.

The comedian returned to the stage at the end of the show to pretend to be drunk, stumble around, lean on Jack Whitehall and pretend to drink from his prize.

Post: Kim Willis


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