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Jimmy Garoppolo on Brady, Belichick. , , and almost deadly first day as a 49er

Former New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has not made much of a public profile, but he was quite figurative in a Bleacher Report Story on Monday

The story describes his growing up and his background in football as a kid from Illinois but his comments on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick mark the piece – along with an opening anecdote about his first few hours as a member of the 49ers.

The competitive nature of the two quarterbacks is described, with Garoppolo's offer: "There would be days when one of us would win and you would not talk to the other for a while." The next day we were fine, but it did was one of the best things for me, we pushed each other, and we have two super bowls out of it. "

Brady declined to comment in the story, as did Belichick, but Garoppolo stood for his former coach's mentality and approach on.

"There was no BS & ing around," he said. "I've got connected to him that way, as crazy as it sounds, he's different from the media, he has dry humor ̵

1; he'd say something borderline, he occasionally did a Lowlight clip It was always your worst throws in the practice, he would put it up there, and you already knew what would happen, any position, there are so many people out there who kidnap you and say good things to bring everyone back down

Garoppolo's competitive character led him to believe that he could beat Brady several times the top of the Patriots' quarterback-depth map.

"I've always had this mindset, I knew that [Brady] on my first day in the NFL was better than I. Of course, you're the beginner and he's the veteran, but you have to have that attitude that you're the one

He almost never arrived in San Francisco after being traded – a deal in which Garoppolo says Belichick took less to look out for his former quarterback. A moving car crossed the median on I-95 on the way to the airport 10 hours after being shipped west.

But the car avoided its sedan on the way, and now Jimmy G is looking for Super Bowls.

Super Bowls. That's the dream of every footballer. That's why we play the game. We only try it one day. I know, it sounds great patriotic cliché, but it's really true – how the hell? Try to get better every day. "


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