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Joaquin Phoenix & # 39; Joker & # 39; gets his name in the last trailer (video)

In the last trailer of "Joker", the notorious villain finally gets his name.

In the genesis of the legendary Batman villain, Joaquin Phoenix, dressed in clown face paint and colorful suit, asks for a chat show host Robert De Niro: "Can you introduce me as a Joker?"

We have not seen much of De Niro in previous trailers of the movie and the footage confirms what we knew about "Joker". for some time that it makes some very clear allusions to Martin Scorsese films, especially De Niro's "The King of Comedy".

In the latest trailer, Joker gets his big break when he appears on De Niro's talk show, only to find that the presenter mocks him.

However, the trailer also points to Phoenix's downturn further into

mental illness and madness, as well as how Joker is overtaken with a protest from others working clowns in Gotham City. This look also shows a particularly strong scene of Phoenix in the hands of a therapist as he learns that their sessions are ending soon.

"You are not listening, are you?" Says Phoenix. "You just ask the same questions every week. How is your job? Do you have negative thoughts? I only have negative thoughts. "

Todd Phillip's" Joker "is celebrating its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival this week. Zazie Beetz and Marc Maron also play the lead role in the drama released by Warner Bros..

Watch the trailer of the movie before it hits theaters on October 4th.

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