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Joe Biden has raised $ 21.5 million according to his 2020 campaign

In announcing the donation sum, the Biden campaign emphasized how much he had collected per day when Mr. Biden was racing, a statistic that put him over Mr. Buttigieg for the quarter. "We collected more every day than any other presidential campaign," wrote Mr. Biden's team in an email to the supporters with the subject "Incredible Milestone."

The fundraiser was announced hours before Mr. Biden and his wife, Jill, was scheduled to tour Iowa, where they will spend the July 4th holiday competition.

Mr. Biden was the clear leader in early national polls, though he has given in to recent polls. At the same time, Californian Senator Kamala Harris has found momentum following last Thursday's debate on confronting Mr Biden with his comments on segregationist senators and his report on school buses. Ms. Harris, who raised more money in the first quarter than anyone except Mr. Sanders, has not announced her second-quarter donation yet, but is expected to also announce a significant number. [1

9659002] Mr. Biden does not seem to be slowing down his high donation rate this month, as financial events are slated for New York and Los Angeles in the coming weeks, as invitations from the New York Times show.

Mr. Since joining Biden has spent a lot of time on fundraisers who have raised a lot of money for the campaign. However, his time in the fundraising cycle also runs the risk of being perceived as focused on wealthy donors at a time when small online donations are sought after by Democratic campaigns.

Mr. In particular, Sanders campaign has tried to highlight how Mr. Biden is collecting money.

"Here's the truth: Joe Biden travels the country collecting a lot of money for his campaign in fundraising campaigns with billionaires, corporate lobbyists, and Wall Street executives," wrote Faiz Shakir, Mr. Sanders' campaign director, last month an e-mail in which he asked for donations. "And we can not afford to fall back too far."

At a fundraiser in New York last month, Biden cited two segregationist senators as he recalled a time of "civility" in the Senate. Statements that aroused criticism and made clear his refusal of school buses at the beginning of his career in the Senate. (Unlike other major Democratic candidates holding high-dollar events, Mr. Biden includes reporters in all of his fundraising activities.)

Mr. Biden was expected to record a large number in the second quarter. According to his campaign, $ 25 million was raised in the 24 hours after Mr. Biden's start on April 25, more than any other campaign the day before.

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