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Joe Biden refuses to apologize directly to Anita Hill for dealing with the 1991 hearing

When asked if he would say it was women who complained that he had inappropriately touched them, Mr. Biden repeatedly apologized for wanting to apologize directly. "Here's the deal: I have to pay much more attention to the private space of men and women – it's not just women, but mostly women," he said.

Pushed on by the hosts, he said, "I'm really sorry to talk to them and try to console them for having acted differently." He then addressed the women directly and said, "Sorry, I've invaded your room," though he said he did not do anything to deliberately make someone uncomfortable.

In a lengthy telephone interview earlier this week, Ms. Hill told the Times that the She was reluctant to call Mr Biden's words an apology, saying that she was not convinced that he had assumed full responsibility for his conduct at the hearings.

I can not be satisfied by simply saying, "I'm sorry. What happened to you?" Said Mrs. Hill, now a professor of social policy, law and women's research at Brandeis Unive "I'm pleased to know that there are real changes, real accountability, and a real purpose."

"The focus on apology is one thing to me," Ms. Hill added. "But he has to apologize to the other women and to the American public, because we now know how deeply disappointed the Americans in the country were about what they saw."

The Biden campaign said Thursday that they had no comment about its first statement on the call.

Mr. Biden and Ms. Hill "held a private discussion in which he directly expressed regret over what she had to endure, and his admiration for everything she has done to change the culture of sexual harassment in this country." Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield said

"The View" is the first in just a handful of gigs and events that Biden's campaign has announced. He is due to remonstrate on "an inclusive middle class" in Pittsburgh on Monday and launch a campaign on Tuesday and Wednesday in Iowa.

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