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Joe Biden's CNN Town Hall: 4 takeaways

He expressed his opposition to Republicans and insisted that they were more willing to work with Democrats following the departure of President Donald Trump.

Biden continued to characterize Warren as "angry" and "elitist" and said her health plan was guided by the belief that "people can not decide for themselves."

The former vice president also said he only responded after "attacking me".

He referred to Warren, who struck him for his opposition to Medicare for All, and suggested, without naming the former vice president, that he run in the presidential primaries of the false party. Biden has escalated his criticism of Warren over this comment in recent days. In a media post published last week, he wrote that Warren, without mentioning her, is "condescending" and "representative of elitism that the working class and middle class do not share."

Biden said that his criticism did not concern Warren personally, and he went on to describe the attitude he said was behind advocating the health plan she supported.

This time Biden mimicked Medicare for all advocates and said on Monday he called elitists "the attitude we know better than ordinary people, which is in their interests." I know more than you, leave me say what to do. "

" The attitude is elitist that people can not decide, "Biden said. [1

9659003] "You like your health insurance," he said, then lowered his voice, "But you should not like your health insurance, you should give that up, I'll demand that you do not have it." We will give you something better. "

" It's not about her, it's about hiring out there – the attitude we know best, do it my way.

He added, "I refuse. And I did not talk about them, I talked about the attitude that, if you do not agree with me, you can enter the other party.

Joining Through Mourning

The Strongest Connections Biden frequently sets off when he reports on the tragedies to which he was subjected – and on the profound losses of others.

What it means when people console themselves to share some of their deep personal tragedies with them Biden said, "Well, you know, I have – many people have suffered more than me as a loss, and I really was – that sounds bizarre to say – happy in the sense that I had an incredible family.

Biden's wife and young daughter died in a car accident in 1972 and his sons were injured, while his son Beau died of brain cancer four years ago.

He explained how his family came to help him raise his children.

19659003] "If you receive one's understanding and empathy, you understand that now it can help and it's just impossible, though sometimes it's difficult not to share it with others. When people often come to me, as you have noticed, they come and they walk towards me and suddenly a man or a woman will just grab me and hug me and say, "I just lost my lost son, lost my daughter, tell me , will I be alright, will I be alright? & # 39; "

Biden said that the best way to overcome tragedy is to find meaning in life.

" Purpose. And a purpose is best used when it relates to something that is related to what the person you lost is, "he said.

He continued," There will come a time Anyone Thinking About It The person you've lost will put a smile on your lip before it draws a tear in your eye. Then you know you can do it. Then you know it. But it is difficult. It is difficult. It gives me something – it makes sense to me if I can help. "

Contradictory Views on the GOP

Biden reiterated a conviction he often expresses The election campaign: Republicans will be more willing to work with Democrats if President Donald Trump loses the 2020 election. However, he also offered a contradictory example – one that Biden's Democratic rivals have frequently pointed out: the GOP The legislature refused to cooperate with Democrats long before Trump became the party's standard bearer.

Biden pointed out that then-President Barack Obama named Merrick Garland Supreme Court in March 2016. Senate Republicans refused to listen to Garland.

] "I called 12 Republicans and said, 'What are you doing?' ; "Said Biden." I said, "Do you know what you do with the Constitution?" They said, "We know, Joe, but here's the deal: Joe, I'm in a state where if the cooking brothers actually contribute $ 10, 12 million, I'll lose elementary school."

Garland was appointed to fill the vacancy that had been freed by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, who was later elected that year.

Nonetheless, Biden said, "I'm honest with God, believe me That Trump is Out of the Way People will be much braver than before and say, 'OK, OK, I can move now, I have more leeway. "

Biden did not explain why, if the Republicans had previously been inflexible trumping the worry that they would upset their conservative base, they would be more willing to work with Democrats after leaving.

This Missing limb is part of what Biden's opponents have used against him: When he argues for a return Trump's normalcy said his Democratic rivals – including Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who " old normalcy "- complains – that this era also does not work for Progressive.

Do not sweat impeachment policy

Biden voiced no worries about po On Monday, Biden announced a backlash in the election, according to which impeachment against Trump could help persuade independents and Republicans to oppose the president – Tr Ump's actions have left the House of Representatives no choice but to proceed.

"The House has no choice, it has to enforce the Constitution, whether it works or not, or whether it turns out it should be ousted or not," he said.

Biden added that if Democrats put forward a clear argument that Trump has violated his oath of office, "you will find that the territories that are independent and republican say: whoa, whoa, we have to do something, we have something to do. "

" That will change their mind, let's see where the facts lead us, "Biden said. He added, "My job is to beat him."

Veronica Rocha contributed to this report.

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