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Joe Biden's new gaffe raises the question of truth in Trump's post-fact era

After reassuring an enthusiastic crowd last Friday in New Hampshire that the Washington Post later reviewed the following facts: "This is the truth of God, my word as Biden."

Biden's misspeaks, error memories, and other gaffes are not the same as Trump's targeted daily attacks on the truth.

But they solve a debate about the nature of

truth in politics and how voters should differentiate between Biden's slip-up and the president's more serious habit of bending facts at historical tempo.

The cavalcade of lies expressed by the President has turned the traditional yardstick for judging a candidate's faithfulness to the truth and the consequences of such misconduct. However, the revelation of the President's habitual lie did not politically disqualify him. On the contrary, he often thrives by creating his own reality into which loyalists can shop.

As a result of this new era of destroyed facts, the 2020 campaign is taking place at a historic turning point.

Every word that candidates speak will be tested for falsehood by armies of media fact-testers as never before to face the challenges Trump poses.

But it's also a moment when the truth in politics appears more devalued than ever

In a surreal moment in CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" on Wednesday night, Trump's spokeswoman for the re-election campaign, Kayleigh McEnany, Trump never lied to Americans.

The president's behavior has led many media commentators to argue that politics has entered a time after the truth ̵

1; in which there is no real punishment for lies. Lying: His blooper role would likely range from his beloved Delaware to the first member of the nation in Iowa.

And many Democrats argue that for Beltway experts it is a dereliction of duty to fix on Biden's verbal slip-ups when Trump seems to be tearing at the national structure.

In fact, Biden made the case himself last December.

"I'm a gaffe machine, but my god, what a wonderful thing compared to a guy who can not tell the truth," he said in Montana. "I'm ready to handle all these things, the question is what kind of nation will we become, what will we do, who will we be?"

Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said on Friday that Trump's serial falsehoods meant that mistakes by other candidates were taken less seriously.

"See, if voters can forgive Donald Trump for being corrupt and filling his own nest with money, they can certainly forget the few mistakes made by Joe Biden, and I think Trump has lowered the line bar So much … I think the rules of the game have changed, "Dean said on CNN's" New Day ".

Is Trump unique or is politics in a time after the truth?

[19659002] One of the main tests of the 2020 campaign will be whether Trump is unique and an outlier. Or has he created a leadership style that is not only invalidated by demonstrable facts, but can also be emulated by other politicians and has lowered the threshold of truth in public life?

How could Biden's airborne lies be exaggerated in the face of this new dynamic? and conflicts are assessed?

And should they undermine the central rationale of his campaign – that he is best able to beat Trump?

Biden is a particularly interesting test case. As a Democratic aspiring star, the then Senator folded his offer for the presidential nomination in 1988 over a plagiarism scandal.

Reluctantly, after revealing that he had canceled passages from former British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock for a speech, he reluctantly quit, "I'm no less frustrated with the presidential policy environment that makes it so difficult, the American To judge the entire Joe Biden and not just the false statements that I made, "he said at the time.

It is a measure of how the standards of presidential policy have changed, that Biden's wrongdoing in the current era has not been so serious and the punishment has not seemed so definitive. The current president must withdraw from the race for plagiarism, because Trump According to the Washington Post, it has made more than 12,000 false statements in office. CNN's Daniel Dale reported Wednesday that Trump had made 48 false claims in the past six days.

Some Democrats have argued that Biden's gaffes are so typical that they are branded into his political image.

Everything belongs to the Irish chatter of a man whose heart always seems to be in the right place, even if his foot is constantly aimed at the mouth. After all, this is a guy who mourned for living people, ordered a man in a wheelchair to "get up, Chuck" and once called his old boss "Barack America".

But there is also a clear double standard.

Hillary Clinton was mocked by the Obama campaign in the 2008 Democratic race over her exaggerated claims to have been under sniper fire during the Bosnian war.

In Clinton's case, the lie reinforced the claim that she had a habitual problem with the truth.

The Post reported that Biden "got the time, place, heroism, type of medal, military branch and rank of recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony" in the story about the Afghan veterans ,

If Biden's story is not treated in the same way, there will be more than a touch of sexism.

Biden's narration also recalled a lovable thread that ex-President Ronald Reagan related about a World War II aviator who stayed with a comrade who was not wounded to get out of the crashing plane she was in Death led. Like Biden, Reagan praised the heroism of others. However, it later turned out that he had taken the story out of a movie, not a real life.

Biden insisted on Thursday that there was no reason for the uproar.

"I pointed out how brave these people were, how incredible they are, this generation of warriors, those fallen angels we lost," he told the Post in an interview.

"I know not what the problem is. What did I say wrong? ?

A distraction for Biden

Every day that concerns the history of Gilde's Biden campaign is a bad day for his candidacy.

The Vice President presents himself as the Most Experienced and smartest democrat who can best be trusted to handle the negative barrage Trump is trying to trigger.

But self-imposed controversy undermines that argument and opens up the possibility of questioning Biden's attitude to the truth – which Trump becomes

The President has already asked questions about the age of the 76-year-old Biden, calling him "sleepy" and speculating on his state of mind – although Trump is also in his 70s.

Democrats toss The media reporting on Biden's gaffes are sure to avoid false equivalence, even though they claimed that the focus on Clinton's e-mails in 2016 was a vi ignored the worse behavior of Trump.

There is also an undeniable question of degree. Is a confused Biden war history really in the same league as Trump's false claim that he won the popular vote in the 2016 elections?
The latest Biden flap has also been unfolded after CNN, citing the best Trump helpers, reported this. The President lied over receiving calls from China over the trade war at the G7 summit.

Unless you tell the truth about a critical state issue that affects the global economy, the clumsy merger in an election campaign certainly outweighs it.

However, nuances and proportions are repeatedly flooded during a presidential election campaign.

Veronica Stracqualursi of CNN contributed to this report.

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