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Joe Haden has not committed a passein mix

Joe Haden did not have two, but two controversial appeals against the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-28 against the New Orleans Saints. The second came in fourth and second from Pittsburgh's 26-yard line, two minutes from time when New Orleans scored the game's touchdown six seconds later. Haden's first pass interference penalty, also a fourth defeat, was a 33-yard penalty that prepared the Saints' first touchdown with 2:57 in the first quarter. The punishment became instantly viral in the social media, as fans, media and NFL analysts could not understand why Haden was being punished.

Respondents included the phone call with former NFL official and current CBS rule analyst Gene Steratore, who did not think Haden had made a pass-mix in the first quarter of Sunday.

"Here's my take: (defensive pass interference) is called by a backward judge, and I do not think there's enough material to foul defensive mismatches, angles are angles, and this judge feels that the hand on the back of this receiver has enough material to make a foul.

"But let's break the game off from an official lens. As officials we all have a man who works at the beginning of the game and then we go to an area with zones and then we go to football. If we break the man-zone ball in this game, there would definitely be more than two eyes on the game in the end. Although the back judge thought that there were enough restrictions, I believe there are other officials who will see this from a different angle and will be able to come to this posterior judge to talk to him and possibly and hopefully to dissuade him from this piece.

"It's a big foul, there are big games, and we have to get them right this season."

Pittsburgh's head coach Mike Tomlin was first asked about Haden's second pass penalty in his post-game press conference. Tomlin was asked if he felt Drew Bree's pass attempt was tipped before Haden contacted the receiver. Repetitions of the game revealed that the ball actually seemed to be tilted, which would have made Haden's contact legal.

"I thought it was a tip, but I did not have a friendly reiteration," he said. "We asked for clarity, but in those moments it's fast."

Tomlin declines to do so The fourth defeat of his team in five games was due to his being officiated when he was asked a few seconds later for Haden's first pass interference call.

"I am not here to evaluate the position," said Tomlin, who after a criticism fined $ 25,000 to serve a felony at the beginning of this season. "I have the boys assess themselves in the appropriate mansion, I'm here to discuss what we did in the stadium and what we did not do, the office did not determine the outcome of the game, we find comfort in that our game and execution determines the outcome of games, so do not go into that. "

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