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Joe Rogan responds to Conor McGregor's criticism of his UFC commentary

Conor McGregor pays close attention to every facet of his career – even the comments he made during his bouts in the UFC.

During a recent Chicago residency during St. Patrick's Day weekend, McGregor was asked if he could possibly appear on Joe's popular podcast, which resulted in the former second-division champion sharing some of his comments from past bouts gutted.

In particular, McGregor had problems with some comments made by Rogan during his epic rematch against UFC Nate Diaz 202 in 2016 as well as his recent bout against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

"I want him to call a fight the way he sees it, and he does not read a script," McGregor said. "The Diaz-Rematch was as if it had been read from the first fight, and at the last fight he said that my face was smashed.

"I left the Octagon with a black eye the same way [Nurmagomedov’s] left two rat cousins. His brother and cousin left the Octagon with a black eye, what is he talking about? "

On Tuesday, Rogan responded when he heard that McGregor had a problem with his comment.

"That's not really true, because nobody ever gives me a script. That's fact. I do not know what he said exactly, maybe he did not like my comment. I bet he likes it when he wins, "Rogan said with a laugh.

"That's his perception, I understand what he's saying. Sometimes people think that, but it's very difficult for someone to call your fight. When he talks about calling someone who is not his friend, it makes a lot more sense It's hard f-king It's hard for me. It's really hard for me to call the fights of friends. It is a heavy king. "

Rogan understands the criticisms he sometimes receives for his comment because it is not an easy task, but he never tries to offend anyone when he calls for brawls.

Even if McGregor drops easily, Rogan is not bad will towards him regarding the message regarding his comment.

"I understand his position," Rogan said. "This Diaz fight was a good F-King fight, it was a tough fight, I did not call it the last fight, but I had to call it knowing the last fight, I needed to know what the last fight was In the last fight, Diaz survived the storm, tagged him, rocked him, and killed him on the ground.

"That does not mean he did not win the second fight, it was a close F-King fight "The second fight was a very close fight, but you have to admit that this other fight has taken place."

One thing that Rogan can say for sure is that he only has the utmost respect for McGregor and the skills he brings with him on every performance in the Octagon.

"I do not know him so well, but I like him very much," Rogan said about McGregor. "I respect the FK out of him."

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