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John Cena and Nikki Bella are reportedly back together after the termination of their engagement

After canceling their engagement weeks before their wedding, it seems there will be some great news for the WWE kings. According to Us Weekly John Cena and Nikki Bella are back together. The news comes after much speculation in the possible reunion of the couple. (Bustle made a comment to Bella and Cena, but did not receive an immediate response.)

A source told Us Weekly that the breakup was ultimately really good for their relationship. "Nikki canceled the wedding earlier this month so she could have more time to make a decision about what she wanted in life," they told the publication. Their split, which was announced on April 1

5, gave both a little more perspective on what they really wanted. Finally, they came to the realization that they wanted to be together.

The source continued, "It [the split] did not mean that any love was lost or lost. Any feelings for each other, but both have realized that they want to love and be together." It's nice to see That Bella and Cena were able to get things going in their relationship. Their reunion seemed to take a long time to come, if some reports and comments were a clue.

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On May 28, Cena tweeted something … Interesting that asked some fans if he spoke of a reunion with his former fiancee. The Blockers star tweeted: " Let's stop fooling around and start fooling around." Well, his tweet does not necessarily have to be about Bella. His message came, however, the morning after a series of Total Bella's aired, in which the couple (before the breakup) disagreed on a rather important topic: whether they have children or not. The episode ended with the couple wondering if they should ever marry. (Of course, they later separated because of these issues.)

So, some took some of his tweet to say that he was ready to "play around" by taking his relationship seriously Bella. It is definitely possible that he meant that. But as he did not explain further, fans could only speculate on the reunion of their favorite WWE couple.

Cenas Tweet came shortly after People reported that a reunion could be in the cards for the couple. On May 21, the publication noted that although things were not yet official, reunification was inevitable, as one source told them, "They're basically back together."

There was another recent sign that the two were forced to find their way back when Cena spoke on May 14 about her split from 1945 Today on the show and said that he still loves Bella. He clearly told hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hota Kotb, "For anyone who speculates out there, what I'm doing with my life right now: I still love Nicole, I would still like to marry Nicole, I would still like one have family with Nicole. "

The news of the reconciliation between Bella and Cena will surely thrill the fans of the couple who have been following their story. Us Weekly reported, Total Bellas Stars They had been together for six years before they split in April (they also went through a brief split in January, but soon reunited). At the time of their separation, they wrote that they still "had a great deal of love and respect for each other." This clearly stems from Cena's comments on the Today show .

And it seems that Cena and Bella's love story is not over yet. Based on Us Weekly 's report, the E! Stars are back together and are all-in on making their relationship onship work.

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