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John Corabi reflects on his years with Mötley Crüe: "I will always be the star"

  JOHN CORABI reflects his years with MÖTLEY CRÜE:

Singer John Corabi (19459005) THE DEAD DAISIES ex MÖTLEY CRÜE ) recently spoke to the Australian Heavy -Magazine. The whole conversation can be streamed down. Some excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET ).

On his upcoming Australian tour, on which he will perform his self-titled album of MÖTLEY CRÜE his entirety for the final times:

John : "I have to be honest ̵

1; the first time we played it on the 20th anniversary and go back and hear the vocals I somehow kicked my ass and said, "Holy God, what did I think of that?" The vocals are just so high that It was definitely interesting, but you know what? I have a great band, my son is my drummer, everybody really came to the table and I was very happy, that I'm looking forward to going down there, revisiting everything and putting the MÖTLEY of 1945. I think Adelaide is the last show on the trip, so basically these four shows, it is the last H urra, this is the last time I'm going to do these shows. When we're done, it's time to move on. I want to make a new record and I can play it [other material]. I have THE SCREAM UNION THE DAISIES I have new material, MÖTLEY I have a lot of albums to choose from, so I'll put it to bed after the Australian shows and go forward and start writing new material.

On the fact that many co nsider his work with MÖTLEY CRÜE to become the best hour of the band:

John : "I know for many fans, they thought it would be a great record. I know for some fans, they were just like & # 39; nope & # 39 ;. To this day there are some fans who say: & # 39; I do not want to hear it. I will not even bother about it. It had Vince [ Neil ] not on it, so it is not a record of MÖTLEY . & # 39; That's the beauty of choice. It does not offend me. Each one's own, but at the end of the day I'm very proud of the record I made with the boys. I had a great time doing that, and to some extent – not just because of the matter MÖTLEY – but I think I was in MÖTLEY has the longevity of my career one helped a little bit. I will always be the star – the other guy. [But] Life is good, man.

How he ignored the "whirlwind" around the band as he joined the band:

John : "I did not realize the size of the band that I'm joining In hindsight I can go now: "Yes, they were one of the biggest bands in the world back then." But when I was there, I did not think so. I can not explain it Tommy [ Lee ] Nikki [ Sixx ] and Mick Mars Me just felt like one of the guys. They were just boys. They were friends. We just did what we did – we just clamped, had fun and we just evolved. It never really occurred to me. I did not sit there and went, "Oh my god – I'm replacing Vince Neil this legendary, enigmatic singer." I never thought – I just did what I do. I am not a person who is worried about such things. Whether I am joining THE DAISIES or MÖTLEY CRÜE or advancing, I just do what I do. I am who I am and you like me or you do not. If you like me, great. If you do not like me, that's cool too. I'm not worried about that stuff because I can not change it. I just do what I do; I write as I write; and I try to keep a clear head on my shoulders and not let many of the music industry's trappings get under your skin or change the way I think about life. I just hold it.

Why he thinks he got the gig:

John : "Some people have come across this conspiracy theories that Nikki knew from the grunge era and knew that MÖTLEY would not go to anything, so they found a man who could possibly get through it. What ever. We just sat in one room jamming and came up with stuff we thought was great. It really was not a rhyme or reason – there was no plan like, "Hey, we have to make a heavier record." I think it just happened because when I picked up a guitar, the sound got fatter and then my background was really THE BEATLES as a melody. I love their songwriting, but honestly, I was always a [ LED ZEPPELIN and ZEPPELIN was a great reef rock. This is the record of MÖTLEY . For me, our MÖTLEY record was a cross between ZEPPELIN [ BLACK SABBATH and BEATLES BEATLES . We did not think about it – we just played, jammed, had fun.

At his first jam sessions with the band:

John : "I jammed with them one day. They asked me to come back on the second day. When I came back, we got stuck again, and they wanted to stop the rehearsal and go, "Okay, cool, thanks for coming." I'm like, "Hey, while we're here, it's only two o'clock in the afternoon. Let's jam a bit. & # 39; The only thing I thought was, 'Hey, when I get this gig, great. If not, it's fine, "but I might want to sit with these guys and maybe write a song they might use for their next record, or I could use them for the next SCREAM recording. The first song we wrote was & # 39; hammered & # 39; . We actually wrote a lot of that song – I would say 80, 85 percent – that night. At that moment, they said, "Okay, that was easy. You know what? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Welcome to the CRÜE . & # 39; They were thrilled, how awesome & # 39; Hammered & # 39; sounded – the reef, everyone was playing really well, and they just said, "That's great. This music is really cool. & # 39; We just left there, and that set the tone for the rest of the record.

While parting with the group:

John : "There were some conversations, [19459005Vince came back. It was just brushed aside. I went to the rehearsal one day, and when I came in and saw all the managers and lawyers, I'm like, oh, oh. That will not be good. & # 39; That's when they told me. A lot of people do not know, but I was in the band for five years and basically they said: Hey man, thanks for all your efforts. We love you, but the record label just will not support this version of the band. & # 39; I left the door. It was sudden, but it was not really because there was a lot of rumble. I would go to the Rainbow or a club and people said, "I think I've seen Tommy and Nikki in this Mexican restaurant with Vince ." I am like "what?" There [were] rumors and gossip, so I thought it might come, but when I saw the lawyers, it was absolutely clear.

Whether he commits his time with MÖTLEY CRÜE a better musician:

John : "No. I believe that has made me live a little differently It was definitely a precious life lesson that I did not find myself at this point in time, during which time it all happened I was not prepared for it, and when I was in the band, all gave me free guitars. Everyone wanted me to come to the party, everyone gave me amplifiers, clothes, and jewelry, and when I was out, it was gone, and I even had friends calling me 20 times a week and me for parties and all the other things I realized, "Okay, that's how it all works." I just somehow realized that contrary to popular belief and contrary to how close or how friendly I am with the MÖTLEY of 1945 was a shop. It's business. Then I realized that you really value your family. I realized that I do not need many friends – I just need some good friends, people who are with you when things are really high, and they will still be with you when things are really low. Well, I appreciate the honesty of the people; I appreciate loyalty. This was a very good lesson I learned from MÖTLEY CRÜE .

On "The Dirt" :

John : "If I'm not in the movie, that's good. If I'm in the movie, that's fine. I just hope that when I'm in the movie, I do not make me look like an idiot or an asshole … It does not matter if I'm in the movie or not. The four guys who sold the most have created the legacy of MÖTLEY CRÜE [were] Vince Nikki Tommy and . Mick . Do I really have to be in the movie? Probably not. "

Corabi joined [MÖTLEYCRÜE in 1992 and led the band until it reunited with Vince Neil in 1997 with former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and drummer Brent Fitz ( SLASH, THE MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRANTS UNION ) He then briefly changed to Sixx 19459006 BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION before he appeared for several years with RATT In 2015 he joined THE DEAD at DAISIES a group with which he has released three albums, most recently [2019] "Burn It Down" .

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