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John Dorsey has contacted the security agents Eric Berry and Tre Boston

PHOENIX – With Jabrill Peppers on blue pastures, Brown's GM John Dorsey has turned to agents for the unrestricted free-agent collateral Eric Berry and Tre Boston.

"I think both of us are really good football players we are I've had talks with their representatives, and now we're here," said Dorsey.

He has not set up any visits to either, but could do soon.

Get back from these meetings, and we'll somehow remix the deck, "he said," I'll put everyone in a room and we'll talk about the possibilities and see if we can do something like that

Berry's agent Chad Bacon confirmed that he spoke with Dorsey. "But that's really the extent at this point.

Berry, 30, spent four years with Dorsey in Kansas City when he was there from 201

3-16 GM, but the nine-year-old Chiefs veteran was fired on March 13 despite a death sentence that included five pro-bowls and a death sentence three All-Pro selections included.

Berry was also an inspiration to the team when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2014 and returned to the field in 2015 just to return to All-Pro and Pro's Bowl status

But Berry has been limited to just three games due to injury in the last two seasons: a broken Achilles in 2017 and a heel injury last season.

Like 26-year-old Boston, he played for Brown's defensive coordinator Steve Wilks for three seasons in Carolina, where he played the fourth round in 2014 in North Carolina. In addition, Wilks was at the time his position coach and therefore knows him very well.

Profootballfootballfocus.com has ranked Boston as the fourth-best remaining free agent, giving it a top-20 annual report in each of the last two seasons, including last year's Cardinals. Boston is a free security, but can also play the strong place Peppers has left.

"There are still some possibilities," Dorsey said of the security area. "We have people in this team who have started in this position and we will participate. We try to increase the competition and that is what we will do.

Dorsey said Cornerback TJ Carrie has the flexibility to play for safety, and others in the team.

Dorsey was non-committal to Derrick Kindred for his strong assurance, which replaced Peppers.

"I really thought in & # 39; 17 he played As a footballer, he was really good, and in '18 he did not play as well as on the # 39; 17, but he played well enough to contribute something & # 39; # Dorsey said, "Right now I'm excited to see him return to OTAs."

With around $ 35 million left, Dorsey admitted he was cleverly for free Agents must spend and now tend to be proving one year provable.

"They have to be very choosy and it has to be a club-friendly deal," he said. "By no means do you want to reduce the skillset, you still want good footballers but you also have to pay attention to "20 and 21."

Luckily Dorsey is a good draft for defenders.

"I think Cornerback has depth." he said. "The safety position is more than usual this year."

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