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John Goodman says Dan will be "miserable and sad because his wife is dead" on "The Conners"

"I've been through a period of about a month when I was very depressed," Goodman told the British Sunday Times in his first interview after the reboot was canceled and later renamed "The Conners," minus Star Barr , "I'm depressed anyway, so any excuse I can get to lower myself will I. But that had a lot to do with it, more than I wanted to admit." [196592002] ABC made the decision to cancel The most successful "Roseanne" restart after Barr wrote a series of derogatory tweets about Valerie Jarrett, Chelsea Clinton and George Soros.

"The Conners," a spin-off, will not introduce Barr and focus on the rest of the film's family. It was picked up by the network in June.

Barr will not make a financial or creative contribution in the new series.

It was generally believed that the new show would kill Barr's character, a rumor that Goodman seemed to confirm or speculate might be true.

When asked about his character, Dan's future in the new series, Goodman said, "I guess he'll be sad and mean because his wife is dead."

He also defended Barr and said that he knows that She is not a racist.

After the new series was recorded, the remaining performers released a joint statement in which they thank fans for their "tremendous support."

"It's clear these characters are not just a place in our hearts but also in the hearts and minds of our audience, "the statement said.

Goodman said he had lost contact with Barr since the controversy, save for an e-mail he sent her after she agreed to give up her rights to the series.

"I sent her an e-mail and thanked her for it. I did not hear anything, but she went through hell, "he said," and she's still going through hell. "

" The Conners "will premiere on Tuesday, October 1
6 at 8pm. on ABC.

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