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John Hickenlooper calls Donald Trump "Bully" and discusses the medical care and legalization of marijuana at CNN Town Hall

Colorado's former governor John Hickenlooper, a presidential candidate from 2020, attended a one-hour CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night and used the national television program to boost his government performance while addressing some questionable and strange personal gaffs. 19659002] Hickenlooper boasted of his business abilities and eventually led Colorado to legalize marijuana, but he also confronted his earlier arrest for driving while he was intoxicated and the time in which he and his mother together made a popular X-rated film It does not seem to be as far as many Democratic presidential candidates, but it has moved away from the center. He said the federal government needed to "get out of the way" in legalizing recreational marijuana and used its background to deal with "pesticides, legal barriers" and a national system that works across borders across marijuana.

Hickenlooper said that health care should be "a right and not a privilege," but he said that people enjoying their private health insurance should not be forced to give it up. He said that general health care would be sufficient, but only if private insurers and their clients still did not operate under a public umbrella.

When asked about white nationalism and the aftermath of the recent massacre of New Zealand mosques, the former governor The White House government said, "the flames of hate are fueled."

"President [Donald] Trump should be ashamed," said Hickenlooper, which perhaps brought the biggest standing ovations of the evening.

Although Hickenlooper said he was "against the death penalty," he seemed to stumble around and answered the question of whether he would enforce a nationwide ban on the matter. He also seemed to be dancing around the issues of police brutality against blacks, and proposed legislation that would allow later abortions. He said that the best way to approach gun control is to deal with mental health issues, conduct more general background checks, and limit large capacity journals.

When it came to trumping Trump, Hickenlooper said it was not good "I can not wait for Donald Trump to give me nicknames," Hickenlooper said, continuing to say it was better for the President, to meet more than one person. "It's what mobbers hate. They are uncertain, narcissists and hate being laughed at.

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