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John Legends "Families belong together" March Song is a hymn for our times – VIDEO

In the current climate, it is all too easy to feel helpless, but while the marches of the "Families Belong Together" that take place on Saturday, June 30 throughout the country, people still have one vote. This is a message that drives John Legend's "Families Belong Together" romance "Preach" home through his lyrics and asks people not to stop fighting. Legend debuted the song at the Los Angeles Rally in front of a crowd that had gathered to protest against the family separation policy of the Trump government.

Before Legend began to sing, he gave a speech on the need for action to reunite families separated by the "zero tolerance immigration policy". The singer said,

"If you commit to this kind of love, it means that you believe in justice, but it's not easy, it's not passive activity, it requires opening your eyes to injustice you have to read someone else's eyes, you have to travel to other parts of the city and other parts of the world, you may have to get your hands dirty, you can not just talk or tweet about it, you have to do something. "

Legend became then introduced into "Preach," a song that can be described as a hymn to people who are exhausted by the constant fire of heartrending and annoying stories in the news. The latest song by the "All of Me" singer is one that highlights feelings of helplessness while inviting people to work actively for the change they want to see in the world.

Not only was Legend at the rally in Los Angeles, but also his wife, author and Lip Sync Battle co-host Chrissy Teigen. After a Tweet of Doughs she introduced her husband to the multitude . The couple made the event a family affair bringing their little son Miles with them. (It's unclear if her daughter Luna was there.)

Legend and Teigen have never shied away from being politically active, but the couple's commitment to keeping the families of immigrants and asylum seekers together was fierce. Together, they gathered their social media followers to give the ACLU $ 1 million in just two days. Legend was also vociferous about breaking the Trump government's immigration policies on Twitter. On Father's Day he rescued Paul Ryan and wrote, "Seriously, I pray you, gather the families on the border and we can talk about Father's Day."

For Legend and Dough, Sermon "feels like a culmination of their efforts to plead for children and parents who have been separated since the beginning of the" zero tolerance "policy.

Many celebrities from across the country They participated in the marches on Saturday, including America Ferrera, Lincoln, Manuel Miranda, Amy Schumer and Alicia Keys From Los Angeles to DC, musicians, actors, activists and concerned citizens have come together to make it clear that they believe families From the powerful letter of a mother who was separated from her son to Legend's "preaching", the day was full of moving moments.

What Legend makes clear with "preaching" is why so many people move in with their children the heat, signs, and struggles for their voices to be heard: complacency is not an option, the news cycle may be overwhelming, but when it comes to To reunite children and parents, people like Legend and Teigen are determined to make sure that the government does not continue to deny them.

Although "Preach" is not officially available anywhere, it already feels like one of Legend's most important songs. He sings to a group of people who may be tired but who refuse to stay quiet when so many children need them to say something.

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