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John Oliver talks about Trump canceling the Iran strike – Deadline

Donald Trump had a full week and last week at night John Oliver examined his hard journey, which included a terrible charge of assault, ICE raids and the issue as he With Iran, which is just the latest in escalating tensions with the country.

This week, Iran shot down a US drone and Trump was about to fight back, Oliver pointed out noting that it was not just an ordinary drone before he threw it into a clip of Fox News anchors, saying, "This is not a drone you get from Amazon."

"Yes 'We all knew that this was not a drone for you Get off Amazon,' joked Oliver, before he said that the US would normally coordinate an international response to such a thing, but countries are only slowly coming to our side it may be because Trump has withdrawn from the Iran business and has imposed sanctions on them and countries that buy Iranian oil and leave it in isolation. Oliver said he was stuck between "warring factions" both in his administration and in the Fox News Channel.

that Sean Hannity is for the war, while Oliver said Greg Gutfeld has "an interesting theory why the war with Iran would be almost painless ". Stuff, "before adding that the US has" the best stuff. "

" That's breathtakingly stupid, "Oliver said bluntly.

He then went on to say that Tucker Carlson was surprisingly the voice of reason He said privately to Trump that it would be crazy to answer by force. "The voice of reason here is a man who wore a bowtie even though he may not have belonged to the nation of Islam," he joked.

Since Trump receives conflicting advice, it has led him to think what Oliver said is "scary." He played a clip of Trump and explained why the Iran strike was not that bad. Basically, Trump said, it was "not a man in the drone." Oliver replied that if there were a man in the drone, it would have been an airplane.

Oliver then explained, "The way we got so close." should be a real concern to all. "After Trump d After a last minute strike, it was frightening to watch his thoughts at work as he came to this decision. "It's scary to watch 40 seconds of his thoughts at work," Oliver said. He then threw it to a clip of Trump Meet the Press and talked about the losses that would have happened if the strike had happened. Again, he confused a drone with a plane before saying that he "did not like the fact that 150 people would die."

the wrong thing, "said Oliver to the clip. "Many of the same ingredients were there: citing joyfully, calling him sir; to express childlike unbelief that he may hang out with generals; Needless to say, the potential deaths in this case were Iranians; Identify what was shot down as a drone before you correct the wrong answer as a plane … and of course tell a lie that makes it look good. "

Oliver concluded the segment with the words:" Considering the ingredients that could have this was the best possible result … It's like watching someone put chicken intestines, jello and human hair in an oven and 20 Minutes later takes out a cake. I am relieved and somehow amazed where we landed. The problem is, I sincerely worry that the next time you throw the same garbage through this process, it's unlikely to be the results we're all going to get. "

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