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"Joker" exceeds $ 1 billion at the global box office – Deadline

Warner Bros. / Village Roadshow / Bron Studios & # 39; Joker today dances above $ 1 billion, making it the first R-rated movie to ever reach the milestone Has.

It is Warner Bros. 7th movie crosses $ 1 billion after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($ 1.34 billion), Aquaman ($ 1.148 billion) Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ($ 1.12 Billion), Dark Knight Rises ($ 1.08 Billion), Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey ($ 1.01 billion) and Dark Knight ($ 1B). Among the Warner Bros. DC titles, Joker is the fourth to exceed the billion mark. A few weeks ago, Joker flew past The Matrix Reloaded and Deadpool 2 as the best R-Rated image of all time.

In a The Origins Staged by Todd Phillips, The Dark Knight and Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: The Dead Man's Chest as films to achieve such a figure without benefited from a release in China during their original runs. Global sales by Thursday are $ 999.1

million and global sales were $ 317 million yesterday.

Joker is indeed a DC character, but since the premiere at the Venice Film Festival at the end of August an absolute miracle. The Joaquin Phoenix star was greeted at the Lido by huzzahs and won the Golden Lion.

From there Joker played, among others, the film festivals of Toronto and New York The rollout abroad began on 2 October, two days later it started with domestic business. At the opening, the film hit national, international and global records in October, taking the mantle from last year's Venom . The overseas launch was $ 152.2 million, with a domestic opening record of $ 96.2 million for $ 248.2 million worldwide.

Domestically, considering the film's dark themes, there were early concerns about theatrical security, although fortunately there were no major incidents. Hand-Wringing also caused the movie to be summoned by fanboys and possibly not run like a superhero picture because it did not fit the genre we got used to. Eventually, Joker was so in the spirit of the times that the public emerged and continued to do so (the Bronx staircase that dances down Arthur Fleck as a joker has become a zeitgeist) tourist attraction). Many say Warner Bros. Studio's marketing chief, Blair Rich, has been instrumental in believing and seeing how to sell Joker even before Phillips shot a frame. Kudos to Jeff Goldstein, Warner Domestic Distribution Chief, for continuing to open the first weekend in October and expanding the marketplace where Warners set its first weekend record for Gravity this month. Overall, Warner Bros. executives did everything they could to make Joker a reality.

The holds were amazing and on October 25, Joker was rated the highest rated film ever in the world Deadpool . In early November, it was the first R-rated title to exceed $ 900 million worldwide.

The fact that Joker has reached such heights without China is another example of how global the box office can be. This was a year in which a handful of titles, though published in the Middle Kingdom, would still have earned $ 1 billion without them – think: Avengers: Endgame, Toy Story 4 and The Lion King . Even Aladdin would have come as close as China.

Joker is an original reinvention of well-known mythology and a unique, stand-alone story depicting Phoenix as a stain, a man hard to find his way into Gotham's fragmented society. He's a clown by day and strives to be a stand-up comic by night, but he thinks the joke always seems to be on top of him. Caught in a cyclical existence between apathy and cruelty, Arthur makes a bad decision that leads to a chain reaction of escalating events.

The decision to premiere a comic book at the Venice Film Festival was a bold venture by Warner Bros. Money-wise has certainly paid off (see here for Deadline & # 39; s immersion in potential profits from a few weeks ago, a number that will be far north of half a billion). Tariffs during the premium season. Venice has increasingly become a key player – three of the last five Oscar winners for the Best Picture have begun their careers on the Lido – and Warner Bros has had good luck in the past from there. Phoenix appears to be prepared for a Best Actor nomination, and as Pete Hammond reports, the film affects the members of the Academy.

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