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Jon Jones spends all day apologizing to the UFC 232 fighters and meeting fans

According to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President, Dana White, the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), and several "experts," Jon Jones did nothing wrong at the end of a recent drug trial to cause an abnormality.

As it turned out, the positive result comes from his over a year failed drug test.

As a result of the recent incident, UFC 232 – which Saturday night (December 29, 2018) – was relocated within a week from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Inglewood, California. Of course, some fighters who received a smaller check due to the high tax for California and the fighter ̵

1; who needed a lot of money for "Sin City" – were not too happy in the news.

That's why "Bones" took it upon themselves to personally apologize to so many fighters who come face to face at the event.

"I feel good, I really can not afford to feel different, I feel bad for the fans, I went around today and apologized to every UFC fighter on the map, the I've personally seen ", Jon says to MMA Junkie," So far, everyone has said that they've forgiven me, and I think I need to prioritize my emotions and pick up all the emotions after the fight Anyway, what I can do to give back fans who really failed. "

At the beginning, Jones took time out for his competitive fight week to hold a spontaneous meeting with the fans. The main lobby of the MGM Grand Garden. [19659007] When Jon heard it, he was as surprised as anyone else when he learned the news.

"Honestly, my first reaction was" not once again, "Jones admitted. "It was a nightmare, but honestly, I believe that my belief in God has really helped me in this situation. I just thought, "Hey, listen, that's all my story will be. Just go with me, God, through everything and hold me strong to deal with all this. "Some things are out of my control, and you have to learn to focus on what you can control," he added. 19659009] "Another thing I've done is being able to rely on my team. So many people came in and wrote me the most positive things, and all the messages were pretty much the same. "You can not afford to get emotionally emotional so close to the fight, stay focused, stay strong and believe that this is just for it and let go, let God and do your best, control what you can control," and that's exactly what I am doing. "

Jon will meet Alexander Gustafsson, who has had the opportunity to postpone the rematch until March, for the vacant light heavyweight title.

To see who will fight at the UFC 232 , click here: "Jones vs Gustafsson 2".

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