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Jon Jones' UFC 232 VADA drug tests are positive again for Turinabol because of the same "pulsating" effect

Jon Jones has again tested positive for a metabolite of Turinabol. But as with the last positive tests, he is not punished because experts believe that this is a "pulsating" effect that keeps the metabolites in the area for a long time.

Jones had to complete a test program under VADA about his UFC 232 fight with Alexander Gustafsson and, like a series of non-competitive tests over the last few months, has produced some picograms of the long-standing metabolite of M3 Turinabol, according to the California State Athletic Commission (via MMA Fighting) they are still moving. 33 pikograms, to be exact. That came from a urine test before weighing, a day before their fight.

CSAC chief Andy Foster said Jones has been tested since the cradles by the USADA and VADA commissions and that all the negative impact tests have returned. And they will not pursue Jones any further.

"I talked to the scientists," said Foster. "They stand by their original statement. Nothing has changed. We have already punished Jon Jones for the metabolite M3, a long-term metabolite. There is no reason to bill someone twice for the same injury. "

Jones received a 1

5-month suspension after conducting a positive test for Turinabol in July 2017. He has been in his system for over 17 months now.

UFC anti-drug czar Jeff Novitzky shared Foster's opinion. He said that he has learned from experts that pulsing is possible when someone uses his body to a great extent, for example lose weight or move a lot, according to the article. That could explain the positive test in weighing, but no other. These are just theories, it should be noted.

Regardless, Jones' knockout victory in the third round against Gustafsson appears to be rising and he will continue as a UFC light heavyweight champion. In this matter, however, he still has to meet with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The UFC had to relocate the Jones Gustafsson event to California for a short time in December, as NSAC recorded a series of positive tests that were too close to the show. However, they did not have enough time to examine them thoroughly. He should contact her later this month.

Jones is due to meet with Anthony Smith at UFC 235 in Las Vegas in March, which seems like a formality at this point.

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