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Jon Voight: Trump wins 2020, Democrats have no heroes today

Experienced actor Jon Voight, a loyal Trump supporter, believes the Democrats will not retake the White House in 2020. He argues that they "no longer represent America" ​​and have turned into something negative since the 1960s.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Voight said the Democratic Party had turned into something he never thought possible and said they had "no heroes today," as in the days when John F Kennedy's life.

"I am a great advocate of our President, and I believe that what happened to the Democratic Party is something that I never thought would happen. This is not the Democratic Party of John Kennedy I came for, "Voight said. "They had many heroes in the Democratic Party. You have no heroes today. There is a lot of slander and attribution and lies that go on and turn out to be news. This is my opinion. There I stand and I do not like it. Someone has to get up and say that and fight back this nonsense. This is not America. The Democratic Party no longer represents America.

Voight also expressed its rejection of "Will & Grace" stars Debra Messing and Eric McCormack, who recently demanded a list of Trump supporters who participated in a fundraiser in Beverly Hills, who proposed a blacklist for McCormack Hollywood conservatives. "Hey, [THR] please tell everyone who participates in this event so the rest of us know who we do not want to work with, thanks," McCormack tweeted, comparing it to the McCarthy era of the 1


"The Left was so worried about the Hollywood Ten in the 1950s, but it does not care about today's blacklist and the people who lose jobs, they are very open and attack anyone who works for Trump or "For the Republican Party," Voight said, "The Democratic Party has been undermined and overhauled, and I wish it could find itself and there could be people who stand up for the Democratic Party we know and count on and to which [is] there is nobody in this group who stands up and protects it.They collapse. "

Voight concluded his conviction that President Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

"Donald Trump will win the presidency again and this will turn out to be nonsense The two years with [the Mueller Report] and millions of dollars have been wasted and kept people in the house who are Democrats from doing business for the people do, "Voight said.

Voight's comments in support of Trump and his condemnation of The Democratic Party watched a video he released late last month stating that the Dems prosecution of the president was a "declaration of war."

"This is a war against the highest nobleman who has defended our country and." made us safe and great again, "said Voight. "Let me stand by our president. Let us all stand with President Trump at a time when such evil words are seeking to be ousted. "

" This is a crime that seeks to force the left, "he continued. "This is a shame for those ignorant devotees who do not know what was really brought back to our land. We have gained size; we won work; We have won more than any president has promised. "

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