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Jones & # 39; s family must put the team first

Before a single cushioned workout in 2018, the Joneses went out to make the Dallas Cowboys a mockery in the media and failed to put the team first.

With so many words in the English language, it's easy sometimes to choose the wrong ones. For the Jones family, when it comes to all things related to the Dallas Cowboys, they are masterful. Not even two full days in the 2018 training camp, both owner Jerry Jones and his son, executive vice president Stephen Jones, were among their usual tricks.

During the annual "State of the Union" address at the beginning of the camp, Jerry Jones was asked about the national anthem. Regardless of your position on the subject, you need to be smart with the media. You see, if you're a celebrity Jones undeniably likes, we'll have access to your words and actions at all times.

For example, in May, Jerry Jones was part of a committee that voted to allow players to stay in the locker room when protesting against the anthem. Beginning in the 201

8 season, the new policy requires players to stop if they are on the pitch during the show, but they have the option to stay in the dressing room if they prefer.

If a general hymn question is asked Wednesday, here was his answer about the star telegram:

Our policy is that you stand on the line during the hymn.

This, of course, completely contradicts his actions only a few months earlier. In addition, unnecessary stress is placed on the players. You know, those guys whose job it is to play real football.

The clever way to answer the question would have been to say something simple: "You know where I stand, but I will not discuss that further topic." The League and its players' union are constantly working on solutions for both Pages can be amicable. "

Ready and done.

That would be too easy. As if they had a weird way that could make a bigger mistake, Stephen's turn came on Thursday.

Stephen told KTCK 96.7 FM that if a player wants to become Dallas Cowboy, he will get up for the anthem. He also hinted at penalties for players who want to stay in the locker room.

Again completely unnecessary. A simple, "what Jerry said yesterday is still standing today" would be enough.

To make matters worse, the younger Jones thought it necessary to meet some former players when asked about Dak Prescott's performance last year. In an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio, Stephen said this according to the Sporting News:

"He has to trust the system, which was sometimes under pressure last year, with Dez (Bryant) in his ear, to some extent Jason ( Witten) in his ear, these big players want balls .. "

First and foremost, which pass-catcher does not want the ball to be thrown to them? Second, why should Dak have the pressure to appease someone?

Dez Bryant is gone and Jason Witten has retired. They are no longer cowboys and have no relevance for 2018. Any current player, coach or front office member would be wise to remember and act accordingly. Of course, the next day, Jones noted how nonsensical the whole thing was, backtracking by telling reporters he "thinks of the world of Dec."

At the end of the day, it's just distractions that this team desperately does not need. The football world leans toward the Dallas Cowboys like moths to a flame. For everyone who is part of this team, there will always be special attention and attention.

Word fighting and mirrored statements should best be left alone. The time, energy and negativity that such things bring to players is not helpful.

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As we all know, back in the Promised Land for the Dallas Cowboys has proven to be difficult. The level of difficulty is not increased by loose lips. The Jones family would be wise to play the Dallas Cowboys first as they seem to want the players to do just as diligently.

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