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Jordan Peele: "I do not see me playing a white guy as the main character"

Jordan Peele has an Oscar, a second hit horror movie in US, and growing punch in Hollywood.

And he is determined to use him for good.

This week at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in LA, the author and director, said he is committed to acting as a black actor in the most prominent parts of his films.

In fact, he said (according to The Hollywood Reporter), "I do not see me playing a white guy as the main character in my movie. Not that I do not like white boys. But I have seen this movie.

The remark was laughable, but Peele seriously considered what black actors can do to THR.

"It really is one of the best and biggest pieces of this story. I feel like at this time ̵

1; a renaissance has taken place proved that the myths about representation in the industry are wrong. "

<img class =" image__src "src =" https://img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/5c9b8cc72a0000ba024f7afd.png? cache = qv6etd8igx & ops = scalefit_720_noupscale "alt =" "As I see it, I get black people in my movies." />

"As I see it, I will occupy black people in my films," said Jordan Peele, director "Us."

Peele's doppelganger fear movie "Us," led by a black cast, premiered a horror movie record of $ 70 million last weekend. His previous film, "Get Out," in 2017, about abducting whites into brainworn servitude, has earmarked a $ 4.5 million budget for over $ 176 million in ticket sales. It also won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Yes, he is on the roll. (He moderates, narrates, and produces in detail the upcoming CBS All Access reboot of "The Twilight Zone.")

"As I see it," he said on Monday at the improvisation venue: "I Arrive I've been lucky enough to be in that position where I can tell Universal, "I want to shoot a $ 20 million horror movie with a black family." And they say yes. "[19659002] Read more about the conversation here

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