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Joseph E. diGenova calls whistleblower "suicide bomber", accusing democrats of "regicide", "sedition"

President Trump's private lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani left on Tuesday with former US lawyer Joseph E. diGenova on "The Ingraham Angle". (Fox News / "The Ingraham Angle")

Former US lawyer Joseph E. diGenova turned to European history on Tuesday evening to describe Democrats' impeachment investigation of President Trump.

"What you see is regicide," said diGenova, a frequent defender of Trump, Fox News host Laura Ingraham. "This is regicide under a different name, fake impeachment. Democrats in the House of Representatives want to destroy the president.

But DiGenova, a conspiracy theorist whom Trump wanted to have in his legal team during the Russia investigation, was not finished, in a detailed interview on "The Ingraham Angle," the lawyer, Trump's personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani Beitrat, has beaten the two anonymous whistleblowers as "suicide bombers" and accused democrats of "sedition." And even the president himself, to complain about the ongoing impeachment investigation, a tactic that has led some to their concerns about security

DiGenova's comments have also been made to Fox News in particular, which was recently made in response to similar allegations that extended air time, the Washington Post said, and Ingropam was boycotted by advertisers for its controversy Statements in the social media n had not responded to a request for comment on diGenova's comments on late Tuesday.

Ingraham invited diGenova and Giuliani for their Tuesday exhibition to discuss the latest eviction moves. Earlier in the day, the White House issued an eight-page letter refusing to cooperate with the Ukrainian investigation, describing it as "biased and unconstitutional."

Both Giuliani and diGenova were reportedly involved in Trump's Ukrainian business They are at the center of the whistleblower complaint that prompted the Democrats to investigate.

Giuliani, identified as one of the main protagonists of Trump's attempts to persuade Ukraine to deal with his political opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, has since been summoned by three House committees. Late last month, Fox News reported that diGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing had helped Giuliani and that only Trump knew of their involvement. DiGenova said the report was "completely wrong", although the New York Times has published similar details. Trump hired the couple last year, but the offer was withdrawn days later for unresolved conflicts, the Times reported.

"However, these conflicts do not prevent them from supporting the president in other legal matters," Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow told the Times in a statement. "The President is looking forward to working with them."

Although it's unclear what function diGenova and Toensing supported Trump, the two often appear in Fox News to defend the president and attack his critics. For example, when diGenova talked about the two people who shared information about Trump, he said, "I refuse to call you a whistleblower."

"These two non-beings are suicide bombers who are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who do not." Democrats have been involved in the democratic process. "He said," They actually believe that the American people will accept that people secretly testify without anyone knowing who they are, where they worked, what their party affiliation was, who they were conspiring with. "[Hecontinued:"ThisfirstsuicidebomberwhosentthiscomplainttotheInspectorGeneralwasapaidDemocratDemocrat"

Ingraham quickly intervened to clarify diGenova's remarks.

"Oh, he really meant … ", Ingraham said and made Giuliani laugh.

The moderator further suggested that anyone who interprets diGenova's commentary should have" sense of humor. "

" If that's you still believe you should watch another show in which we have to explain everything to you, "said Ingraham.

Later in the show, diGenova repeated Trump's allegations. These top democrats commit treason by: they examine him.

"The Democrats, who formerly only loved trial and procedures and the rule of law, literally undermine the law in what really amounts to a riotous attack on the government," said DiGenova. "It's really uproar what they do."

Riots, though associated with betrayal, are behavior or language that triggers rebellion against the authority of a state. Betrayal is the more serious crime of waging war against one's own country or helping one's enemies.

In the meantime, Giuliani has shifted the blame to the media.

"Do you know why they get away with it? Why are you doing that? "He said about Democrats. "It's really the fault of the press. The press makes it possible. You can say what you want.

Late on Tuesday evening, Trump added his vote and fired tweets which again decrypted the impeachment probe as a "witch hunt", a classification Giuliani denied Fox News.

"This is worse than a witch hunt," Giuliani said, adding that he had read books about the witch trials in Salem. "They had more rights."

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