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Josh Allen's offensive high school tweets unearthed – ProFootballTalk

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Well, it was not a gas mask bong this year.

Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen has something to explain at the last minute after the Internet exhumed some offensive tweets from his school days.

The tweets that have since been deleted have been released by Yahoo Sports. Some contain racist insensitive and good, just stupid news. The kind of stupid high school kids say that when these high school kids grow up without realizing, there are certain words they can not say, even if they use the casual version that comes with a "-a He also tweeted: "I hate LeBron !!!!! #LeBronSucks " in 2011, that's just one Problem is that it is empirically false and bad when he lands in Cleveland.

Most contributions come from 2012 and 2013 when Allen was in high school in rural Firebaugh, Ca.

There is no excuse (except for youthful ignorance ) for the tweets themselves, but there are a few other layers of modesty here.

First, his agents should have worked through his 9,051 tweets at some point well before the eve of the draft, found the offensives and put them out before anyone had the chance him in his own words in Ve to bring superiority.

There is also something that is disturbing when someone searches the tweets of a teenager looking for lubricant, as has happened in recent years, athletes and others. But when people are looking for the social media spotlight, it will eventually fall back on them and illuminate every mistake.

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