JR Smith had an interesting career in the NBA, which was highlighted in 2016 by an NBA championship and pushed into the background by perhaps the worst game in basketball history in 2018. Last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers gave up Smith completely and ended up releasing him at the end of the season. Smith could not find his way back to the league because no team gave him a contract. In many ways, he has received the treatment of Carmelo Anthony, but is still optimistic about his chances.

Smith has been involved with the Los Angeles Lakers lately, as they always need some profound players to expand their bank. If he went to LA, he would reunite with LeBron, which fascinated the fans. Smith added more rumors that he might be tied to LA when he tweeted about his recent trips yesterday.

There are no guarantees that Smith went to Los Angeles to meet with the Lakers or Clippers, but it did not stop Some fans from the theory that he might be on the move. Smith is still in the tank and the fans want to see what he's capable of. Even with his bizarre brain pelts, he is still an effective shooter who can help you as you come off the bench.