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Judge, Gregorius, Tulo make progress for Americans

BALTIMORE – The New York Yankees have taken a number of positive steps on the injury on Monday, with encouraging news on outfielders Aaron Judge, shortstop Didi Gregorius and infielder Troy Tulowitzki Orioles, who was on the field in Camden Yards and made running exercises and played catching. It was the first time he had been caught catching since he had suffered a left oblique load on a swing in a game on April 20. "Feel good about where he is and he's definitely coming," said coach Aaron Boone. 19659004] 1 Related

Richter also stretched out with his teammates and wore a glove to the outfield when the Yankees started battering. He would not be outside for a long time, nor would he be able to play much with flying balls. Less than five minutes into the strike practice, the Yankees had to stop the blow when a brief afternoon shower knocked them out of the field.

The only thing Richter has yet to do in his rehab is hit, Boone said. For that reason, he could not provide an updated schedule for the return of his powerful bat.

"This is something that once it starts swinging and batting the bat, we know that the injury is out there and moving on," Boone said. He's made steady progress, but not yet.

Early Monday, Miguel Andujar, runner-up of the year, underwent surgery for a small labrum tear in his right shoulder According to Boone, things are going well.

"Now the road to recovery is starting to return and it should be fine when spring comes," said the manager, "until the end of this year and hopefully in the off-season "I'm going to do a lot of things related to baseball and aiming to be good for spring training."

Andujar shared a picture of himself in the hospital following the social media operation.

Another injured Yankees star took a big step in his own recovery after injury on Monday. For the first time since his operation on Tommy John in the off-season, Didi Gregorius played in one game.

In particular, Gregorius participated in an extended spring training game with the Yankees. Complex in Tampa, Florida, where he faced members of the Detroit Tigers organization. He went with two singles and a walk 2 against 4. Gregorius also fired three ground balls and recorded a throwing error.

"Arm feels a bit too good," Boone said, smiling.

Perhaps Gregorius will start rehab at the end of the week with the High-A Tampa Tarpons, the manager added.

"Passed [the game]. Hot day down there," said Boone. "Now a few more days down there and then, hopefully, to the Tarpons convicted."

The Tarpons are already hosting a rehab Yankee. Outfielder / designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton was to claim second place in Tampa's game Monday night as he continues to recover from biceps / shoulder injuries that put him on hold on April 1. "It's just that he does repetitions and makes himself comfortable," Boone said. "He will tell us in many ways how he feels."

If Stanton feels good after the games he plays this week, the Yankees talks will begin to determine what's coming next. He already spends a few more games with the Tarpons. It is possible that the Yankees decide to send Stanton to another place to end his rehab process and get better pitching.

You could also call him Calf directly to the Yankees, resumed batting training and picked up groundballs on shortstop and third base. When the Yankees were in Tampa last weekend to defeat the Rays, Tulowitzki came to the coaches and asked if he wanted to brush up on his defensive tool belt.

"When we saw him in Tampa, he came proactively to me and said: 'I'll do what I have to do.' If that means taking balls in different places, its versatility little improvement, "said Boone. "That was something he wanted to make sure he initiated with us."

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