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Judge orders Justice to overturn Comey Memos

Much of the memo has been publicly published, but some parts remain. The Department of Justice said these editors were covert about gathering information on foreign relations – and some areas might shed light on whether foreign surveillance was being used to gather information about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Justice Just This Month The Department argued that the publication of other information in the Comey Memos could hamper Müller's investigation.

The judge will look at these sections following the order of Judge James Boasberg at the US District Court for the District of Columbia on Thursday.

Efforts are one of the oldest in the court system in which documents are tracked, which are likely to be important evidence, by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in his investigation of Russian interference in the 201

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The Justice Department had previously confirmed that all of Comey's memos about the talks with Trump were part of the judiciary.

  the investigation of Mueller were. </p>
<p>  The lawsuit for access to the memos has been in progress since June 2017, shortly after Müller was appointed as a special adviser. Later that year, the judge learned that Muller and the Department of Justice had questioned what objects of investigation would say in interviews with Müller, and the team did not want to confirm the use of confidential sources in the investigation. One of them was referenced in the memos. </p>
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