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Judge orders Roger Stone and his lawyers

Lawyers "for the parties and the witnesses may not make statements in the media or in public institutions that represent a significant likelihood of material harm to this case," wrote Judge Amy Berman Jackson. She, her clients, and even Stone can not speak in and around the courthouse.

In her order, Jackson states how effective Stone has been in attracting followers, critics, and media attention. She notes "the size and vocabulary of the crowds already attracted to these procedures and the danger that public statements from participants will ignite these gatherings."

Jackson's Gag Order on the Lawyers Vote Word for Word with the Gag Order It set the former Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, his deputy Rick Gates, their lawyers, and others who joined shortly after their indictment in 201

7 their case were involved. The Manafort and Gates teams interpreted this order as very strict and prevented them from talking almost always to reporters and in public places at all times.

Manaforts and Gates' deeds twice reprimanded Jackson's cautionary order The command: Once Gates appeared in one video to collect money for his legal defense, and the other after Manafort Ghost wrote an offer for a Ukrainian newspaper to himself to support yourself.

Jackson told Stone on Friday that "there are no further restrictions imposed on the defendant's public statements or appearance at this time."

Stone has made several media interviews since his capture – even in a video, in he dresses for a court appearance January 25th. Jackson has already banned Stone from contacting potential witnesses in his case, including indirectly, including Jerome Corsi and Randy Credico, who talked about their work with him when he tried to communicate with them. WikiLeaks on Damaging Democratic Violence Mails in 2016.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller filed a complaint with Stone, a former Trump consultant, last month for allegedly coordinating with unnamed high-level election officials to try to get emails stolen from WikiLeaks Opponents disturb. The indictment was the first time that prosecutors claimed to have met other people near the President who had worked with Stone when he tracked down WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
Stone has not found himself guilty of the seven counts he faces, including a count obstruction of an official trial, five false statements, and a manipulation of witnesses. The witness manipulation fee refers to Stein's alleged attempts to influence Credico, a New York radio host, and Stein's alleged WikiLeaks return channel before Credico testified before the congress. Credico has denied that he acted as an intermediary.

Stone said the charges are politically motivated and he will not testify against the president.

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