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Judge recommends stopping some iPhones from entering the US

A US commercial judge recommended the ban on certain iPhones imported into the US, saying that Apple ( AAPL ) infringed on some of Qualcomm's patents have.

Although Apple is a US company, iPhones are assembled overseas and shipped to the US and other countries.

In her two-sided judgment, MaryJoan McNamara, a judge with the International Trade Commission's Administrative Commission, did not say which iPhones she thought should be banned from the United States.

The ruling will not enter into force until the entire ITC panel and President Donald Trump review McNamara's decision.

The Presidents lifted import bans before 201
3, when President Barack Obama lifted a decision by the ITC to ban certain iPhones. The ITC decided in this case that Apple had violated some patents of Samsung.

In a case decided on Tuesday, the ITC ruled for Apple in a case dating back to 2017.

"We are pleased ITC has determined that Qualcomm's latest claims have been invalidated," Apple spokesman said in a statement. "This is another important step to ensure that American companies can compete fairly on the market."

Qualcomm was immediately available to comment on the ITC judgments.

In this long-standing feud, both companies were temporarily at the top.

In December, a Chinese court banned the sale and import of most iPhone models following a lawsuit by Qualcomm ( QCOM ) .

But in 2017, Apple was released suing Qualcomm for $ 1 billion after the chip maker ceased to pay for the exclusive right to use its chips in iPhones.

Qualcomm refused to pay after the European Union started the investigation. The EU eventually considered the payments illegal, and in January 2018, the European Commission ordered that Qualcomm pay a fine of $ 1.2 billion for the matter.

Last summer, Qualcomm said Apple will no longer use its modems in iPhones.

Apple's share fell 1% on Tuesday. Qualcomm's share rose more than 2%.

– Julia Horowitz of CNN Business contributed to this report.

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