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Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg was released from the hospital after the last medical intervention

“She is at home and is doing well,” said a statement from the court’s information office.

Ginsburg had been hospitalized earlier this week for a non-surgical procedure to replace a bile duct stent originally placed last year, the court said. It was her second trip to the hospital in July and comes two weeks after the 87-year-old judiciary announced that her cancer had returned.
Earlier this month, Ginsburg was treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for a possible infection after having a fever and chills. An “endoscopic procedure for cleaning a biliary stent placed last August” was carried out, the court said at that time.

Ginsburg announced on July 1

7, after the Supreme Court had served a blockbuster term, that a scan in February had revealed lesions in her liver.

According to her statement, the pancreatic cancer that Ginsburg was treated for in 2009 has returned, this time in her liver, and she has tried one of the new cancer immunotherapies, but she has not been able to reduce the size of the tumors. The bi-weekly chemotherapy she goes through leads to “positive results,” she said at the time.

Due to her age and long medical history, Ginsburg’s health has aroused great interest due to her status as a liberal icon. The prospect that President Donald Trump could appoint a third judge to the Supreme Court would also be an important election problem.

Ginsburg has had several seizures with cancer. She had radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer in 2019 and some tumors from one lung in 2018. In 1999 she had colon cancer.

But Ginsburg, despite her health problems, has proven skillful to do her job non-stop. When the judges heard oral arguments over the phone about the coronavirus pandemic in May, Ginsburg took part from her hospital room as she recovered from a benign gallbladder condition.

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CNN’s Dan Berman contributed to this report.

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