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Judges involved in Indiana White Castle shots were suspended without pay

Three judges in Indiana were suspended without pay for their involvement in a shootout during a drunken brawl in front of a restaurant in White Castle in May.

The State Supreme Court announced in a ruling issued on Tuesday that the district judge – Andrew Adams – and Bradley B. Jacobs of Clark County and Sabrina R. Bell or Crawford County – were behaving in a way that " not just embarrassing on a personal level, they discredited the entire Indiana judiciary. "

Adams previously sentenced to one year in prison Except for two days' imprisonment after being found guilty of the incident in which he and Jacobs suffered gunshot wounds.

A White Castle restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, in 2004. Jay LaPrete / AP file

A survey by the Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications showed that the judges roamed the streets of Indianapolis where they Participated in a judicial conference, in a drunken haze in the middle of nowhere

The judges and a fourth man, Clark County magistrate William Dawkins, met at a bar where they drank for several hours before they decided to go to a strip club to go, which was closed, the investigators said. So they went to the White Castle.

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The judges stayed outside while Dawkins went in at 3:15 am according to the court records. Then two men drove by in a car and shouted something out the window, whereupon Bell "extended his middle finger," the investigators said.

The men drove into the parking lot and got out, resulting in "a heated verbal confrontation … with all the participants screaming, using swear words and making repellent, mocking or cheeky gestures to the other group," it says in the documents.

The confrontation ended when one of the men came out of the car. Brandon Kaiser identified who drew a gun and shot Adams once and Jacobs twice, the investigator said. Both men underwent emergency surgery and were hospitalized for several days.

Investigators said that Adam had stabbed Emperor during the fight. For this reason, he was charged with battery charges while Jacobs and Bell were not charged.

According to court records, the investigation found that Bell was so drunk that she could not remember throwing the car away, but she admits the surveillance camera video shows her making that gesture.

In her testimony to detectives, Bell said she was well-acquainted with Adams and Jacobs, whom she described as "very protective of me."

She also told investigators that she will "maul" when she does

"I'm fiery and fiery, but if I ever thought they were quarreling or that this guy had a gun on him, I'd never, never …" Bell said, according to court records Quote is reproduced in the original document.

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All three judges were charged with disciplinary charges, leading to the order this week The Supreme Court suspended Adams for 60 days and Jacobs and Bell for 30 days, all without pay, Dawkins, the magistrate, was in the White Castle at the time of the altercation and was not part of the case.

Kaiser ll be brought to trial in early January, with 14 heavy battery charges, battery with a deadly weapon, battery The other man in the car, Alfredo Vazquez, who is Emperor's nephew, pleaded guilty in early November and was sentenced to 180 days imprisonment sentenced to one year probation.

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