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June 1 George Floyd protest news

Protesters run amok. Innocent citizens under siege. External actors involved in terrorist acts. The police are fighting for control and urgently need reinforcements.

In this way, Chinese state media protested the Hong Kong government last year and rejected calls for more democracy and an investigation into police brutality by focusing on individual acts of violence and property damage.

During the protests, the United States consistently supported people̵

7;s right to take to the streets and have their voices heard. Given the widespread unrest and public rage at home after George Floyd’s death, President Donald Trump’s reaction appeared to be significantly different.

On Monday, Trump called on the military to “dominate” the demonstrators and called on the states to do more to stem “domestic acts of terrorism”.

The irony has not been lost in Beijing, which on Thursday marks its own military action against anti-government protesters on June 4, 1989 (or rather not, the date is heavily censored).

“Washington’s promise of equality and justice for everyone in the country has remained hollow at best,” said state-run Xinhua News in a comment entitled “The Impending Asphyxiation of the American Dream.”

“In the midst of ongoing protests against racism in the country, instead of trying to alleviate the pain and anger of the public, decision makers in Washington have kindled the flames, called the demonstrators” BITCHES “and threatened them with” most “malicious dogs and the most threatening weapons, “the comment says.

China Daily, a government-sponsored newspaper, said: “The US appears to be on fire after Floyd’s murder and troops have been mobilized to subdue angry demonstrators.”

“This is certainly not what the world expects in a country that is the only superpower in the world,” she added. “But unfortunately that is the reality of the United States.”

This rhetoric is not only embarrassing for Washington, but also a sign of how the United States can damage its influence through perceived hypocrisy about human rights at home and abroad.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam today pointed to the US unrest as evidence of Washington’s “double standard”.

“They attach great importance to the national security of their country, but they look at our national security through tinted glasses, especially the current situation in Hong Kong,” she added.

Washington’s ability to influence Beijing’s position on Hong Kong, which is partly due to fear of outside influences in the city, was already severely limited. The Trump administration’s response to protests at home could have further affected its position.

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