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Junkrat's new Storm Rising Overwatch Skin includes a fun bug

Overwatch's patch "Storm Rising Archives" has brought a lot of new cosmetics and updates to the game, but it also seems to have made at least one funny, albeit unintentional, mistake.

The Overwatch Archives event started on April 16 and features a new PvE brawl called Storm Rising, as well as updates for heroes such as Reaper, Symmetra, and Junkrat.

Junkrat also got a brand new epic skin for this year's archive event called "Circus" that makes him a clown – but that's not the skin that makes the players laugh.

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Take Place Junkrat

The disturbance seems to happen every time Junkrat dies using the Circushaut: instead of falling into a doll as usual, he seems to be sitting on an invisible chair with an unfortunate look on his face.

The flaw is fairly common and players have reported that this is the case every time Junkrat dies wearing his new skin.

Apart from a weird impression, the bug does not seem to affect anything else, like the drop

Since the bug is so widespread, it's probably at the top of the list of things to fix and will probably be fixed in the next patch.

Other disruptions in Storm Rising

The latest Overwatch patch contains no inconsistencies, and Junkrat is definitely the most obvious, but the new map, Havana, which was published in the PTR on April 18, has been some interesting things

Along the winding streets of Havan a, players have found several hidden health packages, along with at least one secret advantage that heroes can use.

We do not know exactly when the next Overwatch patch will come, but the next event is the anniversary event, which usually starts in late May.

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